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This Guy Sent A Friend Request To A Stranger 10,000 Miles Away, And His Life Turned Into A Real Romantic Comedy


Modern love has become influenced significantly by social media platforms, connecting people who may have never have been able to stay in contact without it. Numerous singles have turned to online dating websites or apps in hopes to find true love, including:

  • Plenty of Fish,
  • OK Cupid,
  • eHarmony,
  • Match.

However, for one couple, their meeting happened to be through a fluke Facebook friend request. Two lovebirds who live thousands of miles apart connected on the popular social media platform and were quick to fall for one another.

Here’s the straight out of a romantic comedy story of how these two Facebook friends turned into long distance lovers.

25-year-old Michael Young took a leap of faith when he decided to send 18-year-old Rebecca Luff a Facebook friend request out of the blue.

Young LuffFacebook

Luff took a chance and accepted the stranger’s request, which prompted the two to start talking over the social media platform and eventually through Skype.

Luff and Young were quick to hit it off and continued communicating for two years over the Internet, making their relationship official in December 2015.

Unfortunately, the biggest set back the young couple faced was the distance between them. Luff resides in Plymouth, England, while Young lives halfway across the world in Adelaide, Australia.

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