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Couple Has Baby From 24-Year-Old Frozen Embryo

With many medical advancements being made and available to couples looking to become parents, babies are now being born in unconventional ways. From the options of surrogacy and frozen embryos, couples are exploring the latest options of childbirth. The Gibson family has a miracle story to tell, welcoming their pride and joy from a frozen embryo that’s been that’s been kept for over 24 years.

Tina and Benjamin, the new parents of a miracle baby, never thought they’d be able to have kids. After considering adoption and fostering, they set their sights on the National Embryo Donation Centre in Knoxville, Tennessee. Deciding on the option of a frozen embryo transfer, she became pregnant, which they considered being a miracle in itself. What the doctors came and told them next was the real miracle of the story.

Considered to be a new world record, the frozen embryo that entered her body was said to be frozen for over 24 years, the same year that the mother, Tina, was born. “You know, we could’ve been best friends!” the mother jokingly said. Little Emma Wren, the couple believes, was always destined to be part of their plan. “I think she looks pretty perfect to have been frozen all those years ago,” the father, Benjamin said. After a healthy pregnancy, Emma Wren was born with no abnormalities, the couple believes that their baby is a “gift from the lord” despite the science behind it.

Bringing joy to a couple who genuinely wanted to become parents, this serves as an inspiration to others who may be experiencing difficulty with pregnancy. Although it may be unconventional, it’s evident that an option like this works, and can change the lives of those who have been seeking parenthood for so long.

Surprisingly, the risks of this procedure aren’t all too high. The real risk comes at the moment of thawing out, and upon the survival of that process, it’s not any less likely than a regular embryo that would result in a healthy and successful pregnancy. Despite the age of the embryo as well, it serves as no further disadvantage and doesn’t possess a higher risk of birth defects.


The Gibsons were seeking an embryo from parents who looked like them, with characteristics similar to their own. This includes things like height, weight, hair and eye color. The clinic’s president and medical director, Dr. Jeffrey Keenan, hoped that the publicity that arose from this story would encourage other couples to donate embryos and explore this viable option.

Dr. David Adamson, the CEO of Arc Fertility in California stated that “it’s a good thing when an embryo can bring so much happiness to a couple,” and that “there’s a lot of social good here and I don’t see social harm”. One thing that’s for certain is it has changed the lives of the Gibsons who longed for an opportunity at parenthood and can truly change the lives of many more couples ahead who explore this alternative.

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