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16 Fun IQ Tests For Kids And Adults


It’s important for children and adults to keep their minds sharp and exercised. Working out the mind is just as important as working out the body and there are several ways that this can be done. You can achieve this by doing one (or all) of the following:

  • Memory games,
  • Crossword and other puzzles,
  • IQ tests,
  • Bullet N.

One of the fastest ways to give the brain a quick boost is to try and solve a few IQ questions. They can be simple and fun or complex and mind-blowing.

I’ve compiled a list of sixteen IQ tests for all ages that you can try and solve. Some of them are easier to get than others, see if you can solve them all!

1. Make sure you look at the image first before reading the caption! Try and get the answer as quickly as you can. Are you stumped? The answer to this one is Today, Tomorrow, Tuesday and Thursday. Questions like these are a great way at getting your brain working.

2. They can also be entertaining and fun! Sometimes it might take longer than you expect to get the answer. Do you know what this one is? The answer is a road.

3. Now things are getting a bit more complicated, but once you begin to understand the way IQ tests work, they become easier to figure out. The answer to this one is footsteps.

4. When there are more words and details involved in an IQ test, it can be easier to get confused and provide the wrong answer. This is also heightened when numbers and math are involved. The answer to this one is actually quite simple: both men had different opponents.

5. This one is similar to the first IQ test! If you got that one right you’ll probably be able to figure out the answer to this one. This answer is a bit of a mouthful. It’s the day before yesterday, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.

6. Here is an example of how math and numbers can be used to throw someone off. You may have thought that the answer was 5, as that’s mathematically correct, but in this instance the answer is once. After that you would be subtracting 2 from 8 then from 6 and so on.

7. Get your detective hats out, we have a missing person. However, if you read this one carefully, the description tells you exactly where the last sister is. Paying attention to the details, including that all the sisters are busy and that Katy is playing chess, can help you reach the conclusion that she’s playing against the last sister.

8. Again, try not to think about this one mathematically. Try and visualize the situation and imagine that the apples are on a table. This may help you see that if you take away three apples from five, rather than being left with two, you’d be left with the three apples you just took. The remaining two apples would still be on the table.

9. You might get perplexed by this one at first and start drawing diagrams trying to figure it out, but the answer is actually quite simple. Robert is telling the truth: he has three sisters who are doctors. No one is lying in this scenario.

10. Getting more complicated, this one may require a few more minutes to really think about the words and then visualize the numbers. You may need a pen and paper as this one might leave you stumped. This one actually has a few answers: 51 and 15, 42 and 24, 60 and 6.

11. Pay close attention to the wording in this one. While most people might just give up thinking it’s impossible to solve, the answer is actually quite simple. The riddle asks how long it would take to complete a building made of brick. If you focus on the use of the word brick over the plural word bricks, you’ll realize the answer is one brick.

12. No math needed here. The numbers and causes of death are included to try and confuse your brain. If you think about it logically you’ll realize that none of the fish actually left the tank. So even if some of them are no longer alive, there are still technically 10 fish left in the tank.

13. How are you doing so far? At this point you may have adapted to the pattern of these IQ tests. You should be mastering them or are starting to slip up. For example, you may be quick to say that the stairs are red but the answer is actually that there are no stairs. He lives in a bungalow.

14. Multiple answers can be given for this one, but you might have to think about it for a minute. This one tricks you by personifying an inanimate object. The way this one is phrased makes it sound like the answer is something living when it’s actually a telephone or a doorbell.

15. You might be guessing numbers like 80, and if you’re getting the hang of things, you might have guessed something like “as many years as he’s alive.” But the average American man usually only has one birthday throughout the year.

16. Do you know what the answer is? This one is a little bit easier. You probably figured out that the answer is roads.


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