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28 Funny And Coincidental, Right Moment Photos


Some photos are taken at the perfect place and the perfect time, often capturing a picture-perfect moment that can be hilarious, enlightening, beautiful or just straight up confusing. Sometimes the best moments in life (and in photos) are the unplanned ones. The pictures in this list are all so perfectly coincidental that it’s almost as if they were meant to be. Some photos that are so weird that they’re perfect include:

  • Photos that look like optical illusions,
  • Pictures of animals that look like doppelgangers,
  • Images of dogs doing funny things.

Candid photos, or photos that are caught by mistake or pure coincidence, are the best kinds of photos. They stand apart from photos that are set up or planned, and they really prove that sometimes it’s the random moments in life that are the best.

Here are 28 funny and coincidental, right moment photos.

1. Pictures like these always make me wonder if they were set up. Whatever the case may be, this is the coincidence of a lifetime.

2. At first glance, this soccer player looks like he has the superpower of elasticity. When you take a closer look, though, you realize that it’s just perfect timing.

3. What a cute little cat. The dandelions almost look like little alien ears poking out from the cat’s head.

4. They look like twins!

5.  Wow, this girl is extremely buff. I wonder how many hours and months it took for her to look that good? Oh, wait…those are clearly someone else’s arms. If you look close enough, you can see someone behind her posing. Either way, nice guns!

6. What a perfectly timed photo for a perfectly cute owner-pet moment.

7. The sun gives us light, and apparently it also gives us a perfect swoosh into a basketball net.

8. A picture of a dog imitating a picture. We should make a picture of this picture next to continue the pattern.

9. This dog looks like the type of guy who glares at you after you honk at him at a red light, cigarette and all.

10. After staring at this photo for longer than I’d like to admit, I’m still confused. Is this an optical illusion, a fixed photograph, or just a bad angle?

11. The look of complete and utter concentration on this dog’s face was captured at the perfect time and the perfect moment. I’m left wondering, though, if he ever ended up catching the treat.

12. I wonder what this adorable dog’s reaction was? He must have been disappointed when he expected to clamp down on a ball, only to have it disappear in front of his eyes, leaving a soapy, bubbly taste in his mouth.

13. Nothing to see here, it’s just a horse with the body of a woman reading a book, move along.

14.  When you see your doppelganger on a TV at the bar you’re at, it should be an unwritten rule to snap a picture before the moment is gone forever.

15. During a long work day, sometimes you’ve got to put on your thinking cap and brainstorm some creative ideas. In this case, though, it looks like this lady decided to try out a lamp instead of a cap.

16. Is it possible that this dog is super long? Or maybe the dog’s head magically appeared on the other side of the desk. Or maybe it’s just perfect timing. Who knows.

17. Looks like we’ve got another doppelganger on our hands here. Someone should send this to Samuel L. Jackson and get his opinion on it.

18. After a long day of being a dog, sometimes all you want to do is sit back, relax, and have a glass of wine. Just another day in a dog’s life.

19. I guess this dog didn’t really like the man on this giant poster. Or maybe he just really had to go. Or maybe he’s just a dog and doesn’t think about these things. Who knows.

20. The placement of these two fish in front of this girl’s smiling face is perfect.

21. This looks like another optical illusion that I’d like to dissect. What exactly is going on here? Could that possibly be the girl’s arm? And who or what is the red figure that the girls are leaning on? Well, upon closer inspection you might realize that the large, hairy arm is actually the leg of a jean-clad man. You can only see the lower half of his body to the right of the photo, which is why at first this picture seems so confusing.

22. Dressing in a bright color is always risky!

23.  Check out the perfect timing in this photo taken at a basketball game.

24. The man on this TV doesn’t look too impressed with his view. I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t be either.

25. The look on this man’s face after the seagull stole his ice cream is one of absolute sadness and regret.

26. Blending in with items in the trunk of a car. This would be one way to get across the border without being detected…

27. Those look like some mighty fine chicken drumsticks, I sure would like to have one right now. Okay…admit it, at first you had no idea that those were puppies in the left photo, did you?

28. What’s going on here? Is it an optical illusion or is he actually standing or floating on water? This picture is really freaking me out.


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