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20 Funny Attempts To Recreate Old Family Photos


Childhood pictures; you either love them or you do everything you can to avoid them. It seems like our parents are the only people who can really enjoy pictures of ourselves when we were kids. 

That was the case until this internet trend happened.

You might have seen them floating around on Facebook or Twitter. A group of people take a picture from their childhood and then recreate it, 20-30 years later. The results are always hilarious.

There’s even a subreddit dedicated to these pictures, r/PastAndPresentPics. We’ve collected our favorite ones in a list. Here are the 20 funniest attempts at recreating childhood pictures:

1. The caption to this image is: “A friend of mine and her nephew.” We have to admit, they both aged really well. Such a handsome pair of people!

2. Here’s a group of siblings. They have the same faces, same car, but a different dog. Dare we ask what happened to the puppy in the first picture?

3. The picture on the left looks like the perfect Christmas morning. Everyone is in their pajamas, you can see a train set and a teddy bear, plus the wholesome sibling love—so sweet!

4. This is from a Reddit user who took on a very special project for his parents. He decided to gift them a calendar of him and his brother recreating their childhood pictures. 

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