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16 Memes That’ll Make You Spit Your Drink

Memes have evolved into an art form. In history, pieces of artwork would designate stories or myths but nowadays, a well-timed meme with the right caption can elicit just as many words and just as many emotions and feelings. Memes are great because they are simple, direct, and witty. A good meme is relatable and has to instantly be shared with some of your closest friends.

Now there are just as many bad memes out there as there are good ones, so we here at Providr have decided to sift through the junk to find the gems.

So here are 16 hilarious memes that you will laugh at and probably want to share with your friends.

This is truly ‘wifey’ material. Any female who knows what she wants to eat for a dinner date is already a keeper let alone a girl who has a triangular pouch for an extra slice of cheese pizza, then you might as well just pull the engagement ring out.


This has to do with the aforementioned meme. As a male, the frustration that we feel when we offer ten different restaurant choices and still get rejected each and every time is almost insurmountable.


If you have a thing for Dracula or you like Vlad the Impaler then this guy is the dude for you.


We’ve all done this before. Blurt out a blatantly wrong answer and then have to deal with the resounding chorus of laughter that is reverberating around you.


If only being Instagram famous was that easy. But in all seriousness, hitting double digit in likes is a cause for celebration. Especially when you’re just a ten-year-old boy on a swing.


This is in huge contrast to the meme with the driver and the veins down his arm. This is truly MVP worthy. Or in this case, Black Mamba worthy.


This is actually more ingenious than it is funny. Like who would have thought to do that? Kudos to whoever came up with this idea.


Hey! A good joke is supposed to touch on some nerves and incite some sort of thought (or in this case, maybe some violence.)


It’s either dinner or a quick match in the new UFC game. Sometimes you just have to sharpen up on those electronic MMA skills before stepping out for a big date.


This is so funny because of the large framed glasses that HOV is wearing and because Ricky Gervais is in it! What is Ricky doing with Jay-Z?!

random-memes-thatll-make-you-spit-out-your-morning-coffee-august-22-2017-28 Reddit

This is literally her expression when you call her your girl. I guess that just means she likes you, which is a good sign. But you know things are serious when you cancel a ‘chilling’ with the boys for your girlfriend.


Sometimes you have to watch what your license plate says before applying it to your car. Because the sound of laughter from the surrounding cars is probably because of the license plate.

Beware of Snapchat filters. If whoever you are talking to on a regular basis always uses Snapchat filters then you need to keep your eye out because they could look drastically different in real life.


Some people just show no emotion. Regardless of the activity some people just have a deadpan face. But it is these same people that tend to be the friendliest when you get to know them.


You’re not good friends with someone unless you regularly tag them in memes. And if they tell you to stop then you need to find new friends. No one needs negativity like that in their lives.


True. But you might as well go directly to Popeye’s and skip the gym if you’re going to have fried chicken and biscuits and Cajun fries after your workout.



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