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16 Parents Who Were Funnier On Twitter Than You In 2016


Most Twitter feeds are littered with comic gems that are worth a chuckle with each scroll, but the usual suspects of these clever quips tend to be:

  • Comedians
  • Parody accounts
  • Celebrities

However, most parents aren’t as savvy as the younger generation when it comes to social media, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of churning out a hilarious 140 characters.

Here are 16 tweets from parents that are comic gold.

1. What’s truly scarier? Jack Nicholson’s character in The Shining or being able to relate to Jack Nicholson’s character in The Shining?

2. Sometimes horror references are necessary to describe the misadventures of parenting in the most accurate of ways.

3. This father of young girl is quickly realizing that the invasion has only just begun. May the lyrics of “Let It Go” forever echo inside his mind during his perpetual fight for masculinity.

4. Sometimes everyone wins, Charlie’s son now has a four letter word added to his spelling repertoire and his father can enjoy a cold one on demand.

5. There are some things that parenting books won’t prepare you for and until their introduction to the glory of search engines, you are expected to be human Google.

6. Sometimes parenthood means that life becomes an Internet comment section.

 7. Ignorance can be bliss, but this mom knows that she’ll be the one to have to deal with the aftermath.

8. Pixar characters always win.

9. Kids have selective memory, they won’t remember you told them to clean up after making a mess, but they will never forget that ice cream you promised on the way home.

10. Advice insinuates a solution.

 11. The diagnosis in which the only cure involves waiting until the source of your symptoms turn 18.

12. Everything said is translated into an unrealistically sensationalized version in a child’s ears.

13. Sometimes you have to play adult, even though deep down the same childlike excitement continues to linger on.

14. There are benefits to knowing more than your offspring, but the day they realize you took advantage of them, that’s when the real storm comes brewing.

 15. A fridge can only hold so much art.

16. Never forget who made you.


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