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20 Funny Photobombs That Will Make Your Day

Have you ever taken a photo with some family or a friend and thought that it was going to turn out great but then you noticed someone in the background making a dumb face or an awkward position?

These unfortunate events are known as photobombs. Sometimes they are done on purpose, and other times they are completely by accident. Either way, the results can be hilarious.

Whether you are the one bombing the photo, or you noticed something weird going on in the background of a photo you took, they’re always fun. Thankfully with technologies like Photoshop we can easily fix these mistakes but it’s still fun to appreciate them from time to time.

Here are 20 hilarious photobombs that are definitely going to make you laugh.

1. Peace: This girl probably thought she looked pretty fly giving the peace sign and sticking out her behind. However, her photo has totally been bombed by the dude in the back who appears to be imitating her.

2. Shocked: Getting proposed to must be one of the sweetest and overwhelming moments in a person’s life. Most people start crying right away and others are in shock. When this woman looks back at her engagement photos I bet she’ll get a kick out of this one.

3. I’m with the Band: Imagine taking a photo at a concert like this and checking later to realize that the musician noticed and even posed for your shot. Best photobomb ever.

4. Peekaboo: Yikes. Definitely not the kind of thing you want to see in the middle of the night. I wonder if this was back during all those clown sightings in 2016.

5. Crashed: Yikes. From the look on this guy’s face you can tell he knows he just messed up. What I want to know is who takes photos of their wedding party on a public street or sidewalk? Something like this was bound to happen.

6. Trash Bomb: This wasn’t the best background for a photo in the first place, and it got even worse when some dude decided to leap into a garbage bin for whatever reason.

7. Go Fish: This guy was just trying to take a photo of his catch of the day when he totally got photobombed by a hungry sea lion. Looks like the pelican in the background was thinking about doing the same thing. This is a double photobomb. 

8. Dad Bomb: Is a dad really a dad unless he pulls stunts like this? You might not notice him at first glance but sure enough he’s there making a goofy face in the window.

9. Dog Behind: I don’t get it… don’t these people have cameras that allow them to see the photo as it’s being taken?

10. Beach Bomb: This is a perfectly executed photobomb. He had to time it perfectly or he would have been figured out. I wonder what their reaction was when they saw the photo.

11. Guilty: Looks like this guy’s been figured out. The point of a photobomb is to not be noticed and to maintain distance. Not to creep out an innocent girl and her friends.

12. Banana Bomb: These guys totally photo bombed this reporter and it looks like he has absolutely no clue. I wonder how long he went on before realizing they were behind him.

13. Granny Bomb: This one is amazing. I wonder if these two guys know the older woman or if she’s just a random person in the background. Either way she saw an opportunity and took it and the results are awesome.

14. Nerd Bomb: It looks like these two girls might be dressed up as ‘nerds’ for a school play or something. Little did they know someone has totally bombed their photo by making a ridiculous face in the background.

15. Banana Bomb: I wonder what this couple thought when they checked back on this sweet photo together and saw a man in a banana suit in the background. I wonder if they even know who he is.

16. Creeper: I hope one of these girls turned around and realized there was a jerk snapping photos of their behinds without their permission. This isn’t even a photobomb; this guy is just a jerk.

17. Which One?: It’s hard to tell who’s photobombing who in this one. Both of them look pretty camera ready. 

18. Jealousy: This cat almost looks like it’s plotting revenge on this goofy dog. Kind of looks like the cat wanted to be in the photo too or something. 

19 What? There is a lot going on here. From the couple laying on the grass, to the garden of American flags, to the man who seems to have fallen in the background. Also what’s with the retro stickers on the laptop? 

20. Cow: Last but not least is this silly cow who totally ruined this guy’s video of him playing what appears to be a didgeridoo.


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