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16 Tricky Pictures You Need To Look At More Than Once To Understand

5. This worker noticed that whenever their maintenance worker wrote “old” on a box it looked like he was drawing a cartoon face. Once you see it you won’t be able to un-see it. Ignorance is bliss.


6. No, this is not an optical illusion; it’s just a bunch of very similar-looking friends cheering on their team. This is what happens when you hang around the same people for too long; not only do you start to look like each other, but you also start to pose the exact same way for pictures. Freaky.

7. What is a light fixture doing in the sky?! Your initial reaction may have been to try and figure out how such a picture is possible. But once you give this funny picture a second look, you’ll realize that only a reflection could’ve caused this unlikely photo.


8. No, that’s not a bartender wearing a skirt although I have to say my first instinct was to contemplate how uncomfortable it must have been to work while wearing those platform heels. It’s actually just a reflection of the bottom-half of the person he’s handing a drink to. That mirrored bar almost had us fooled!


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