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16 Tricky Pictures You Need To Look At More Than Once To Understand

Usually, funny pictures hit you like a ton of bricks; the impact is so quick that you barely have time to process why it’s so funny in the first place. Other funny pictures take some time to realize just how silly they really are.

There’s something to be appreciated in the subtle humor of a picture that requires a second look to get a laugh. These funny pictures might not look like much the first time you take a glance, but upon closer inspection, they’ll make you chuckle when you realize just how easily they had you fooled.

Go through these 16 funny pictures and see how many you can actually understand the first time you look at them… or if it took you a little too long to figure it out.

1. Upon first glance, this may look like a bunch of beige, neatly-lined bar stools at an empty bar. You might have thought, I like those hardwood floors! Well, they’re not floors. Take a closer look and you’ll see that what you thought are stools are actually drinks lined up on a bar in martini glasses. This was a tricky one, wasn’t it?


2. Ah, just your friendly neighborhood garbage truck making a pit stop at a local park… wait. Those aren’t children on those swings! Looks like the garbagemen needed a little break.

3. At first, it might look like this man on a merry-go-round should go in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the first animal-human hybrid with those pig’s feet. However, take a second look and you’ll realize it’s just a funny picture that looks a lot more interesting than it actually is. He’s just riding an artificial pig, nothing to see here folks!


4. Usually, when hockey players engage in fights during the game, their sparring partner isn’t a ghost. In this picture, it looks like a hockey player knocked the head off of the other hockey player he was fighting, but alas, it’s just another funny picture taken at the perfect angle.


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