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20 Funny Texts Sent to the Wrong Number


There is a reason why Gmail introduced an undo function after sending an email; phones should have the same option. We’ve all done it. Sent off a text and immediately realize it’s to the wrong person, sometimes to the very wrong person. It’s especially awful when it’s:

  • Your parents,
  • Your spouse,
  • Your boss.

Luckily for us, the screenshot function gives us a chance to share some of the most ridiculous text conversations with the rest of the world, and in the new age of social media nothing goes uncovered.

If you’ve ever suffered a really bad sending error, look away. Otherwise, scroll down and enjoy some of the worst (and funniest) offenders on the net.

1. Starting things off, we have a mother with some time-honored advice for her daughter. I wonder what Jenny would have said?


2. She is definitely not talking about her math homework. My guess is they’ll be doing some much-needed extra studying for the biology final.


3. An excellent, disarming smile is what usually follows wearing braces. This person should be happy that he’s working on improving his appearance. The very least you could do is not text the guy whose braces you’re going to insult.


4. Way to keep a secret, mom. Now we have no idea if Matt will even get there on time, or whether Maya will say yes!


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