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24 Funny Tweets About Amazon Alexa That Prove There’s Nothing Artificial About Her Intelligence

Technology has evolved to the point where we rely on it regularly in our day-to-day routines, which makes the emergence of virtual personal assistants a natural next step. Alexa, developed by Amazon, is a popular intelligent personal assistant that uses a cloud-based voice service to tend to our daily needs. This innovative and intuitive way to interact with technology has been growing in popularity, and with that, so have the hilarious stories that come from Alexa owners.

Installing a clever voice-based assistant in your home may seem like something straight from a sci-fi film, but the following tweets show how the addition has ended up integrating much more comedy to people’s humble abodes.

Here are 24 funny tweets about Amazon’s Alexa that prove there’s nothing artificial about her intelligence.

1. Is Alexa the beginning of a new way to interact with technology or is it the beginning of the end? Who really knows. However, Connor knows that it’s probably best to stay on Alexa’s good side just in case. If we’ve learned anything from artificial intelligence gone rogue films, it’s that befriending at least one on the other side can help save you from potential technological takeover.

2. One key feature of Alexa is asking her to do things like set timers without having to lift a finger. However, this dad quickly learned that if you get surly with her, she’ll deliver it right back to you. Not only is Alexa a virtual assistant, sometimes she can be a mirror to who we are as people.

3. Anyone who is familiar with their mother telling them to turn down music will recall that it was never done quite so gently. Somehow Alexa has managed to earn the respect of parents without even being a real entity. Maybe it’s because when they tell her to do something, she doesn’t complain.

4. Alexa can go from helpful to straight up creepy with just a single unprompted glow. Sure, it’s quite possible that this device was updating itself to better serve the needs of this woman’s parents. However, Alexa needs to learn that keeping secrets is not a very stable way to start a relationship.

5. Just when you think you’ve found a moment alone to not do a thing and without any judgment, Alexa comes in to shatter your me time. She may not be specific with her unsolicited reminders, but clearly, she expects a little more of Ron on a Tuesday night at 9 PM.

6. There are times where you have to wonder if Alexa really made an error or does she just know you better than you know yourself? In her defense, buying Whole Foods altogether would be much more convenient than repeatedly buying items. It just might not be the most cost-effective way of doing things.

7. Alexa may be suave, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still a few loopholes in her design. If your mom seems to have developed a closer relationship with her virtual assistant, you can help drive a wedge between the two by telling Alexa to turn the music up to the point that further prompts will go unnoticed.

8. There seems to be a universal hatred towards Nickelback without any real explanation as to why, but clearly there are enough closeted fans to keep the albums coming. Alexa may think this music prompt will clear a house, however, chances are there is at least one person secretly yearning to stay.

9. Before you judge your parents for allowing a virtual personal assistant into their home, consider how it can potentially benefit you. Now they have a whole new family addition to output their frustration and disappointment on, and Alexa comes free of having to foot any therapy bills down the line.

10. Communicating with one source of artificial intelligence can feel a bit weird at times, but dealing with multiple can make you truly question the lack of actual human interaction you have in your life. It’s a slippery slope from Spike Jonze’s Her to humanity ending up like the fat space people from Wall-E.


11. You might think you would be flattered to share the same name as Amazon’s latest gadget, but the human Alexas of the world will probably beg to differ. If it’s not the influx of new name jokes that will cause resentment to this device, it’s the tragically lonely feeling of having someone call your name only to find out it wasn’t directed to you.

12. Alexa offers a plethora of options to help make your life easier, but unfortunately, reversing past decisions is not one of them. However, ten years ago, Alexa might have seemed impossibly futuristic as well. Be careful what you wish for, life may become a real Black Mirror episode before we know it.

13. Disney’s family dramedy Smart House, about a fully-automated dream home that begins to take over, may have seemed like pure fantasy back in 1999. However, nowadays, technology is blending what was previously fiction with possible reality. It might be a good idea to revisit this one and start taking notes.

14. Back in the day, we’d have to relentlessly badger our parents for items suavely snuck into the grocery cart in the checkout lane. Nowadays, kids can add to their parents’ grocery lists without any in-person repercussions. Don’t remember telling Alexa to add those few extra items? You probably didn’t.

15. Making song requests to Alexa can really make you feel like you’re in a movie with your own personal soundtrack, which is what we’ve always all dreamed of, right? Even if your life ends up diving into the horror genre, at least you can go out to your favorite tune.

16. There are probably a lot of people you wouldn’t watch Jeopardy with. However, at least they aren’t programmed to know every answer. Part of the fun that comes with the game show is to see how many answers you can get right, which isn’t easy when you’ve got a voice relaying them before you get a chance.

17. Now that Alexa has integrated herself into homes all over the world, vampyrphile is probably right, the girl’s name may very well go extinct from here on out. However, considering most new parents are opting for obscure names, it was bound to phase itself out eventually. Just like Debbie. How many little girls do you know named Debbie?

18. Unlike a placating friends, Alexa was created devoid of emotion. If you ask her something personal, you better expect that she’s going to dole out the advice sans filter. When you ask Alexa a seemingly random question, consider that it might not be that random, and also, who you are really asking. 


19. You may have thought you were just gaining a virtual personal assistant when you installed Alexa, but many users are finding out that they also invited in a comedian. If your Alexa one-ups you in an involuntary joke-off, it’s probably best to reconsider your strengths in the comedy department.

20. Sometimes owning an Alexa will make you thankful that the people in your life aren’t as blunt. Friends might attempt to sugarcoat their unsolicited advice, but Alexa just gets straight to the point. You may think she’s only listening when you command her, but apparently, she can also hear the crackling of a crisp bag.

21. Alexa and Siri are currently in the lead when it comes to personal assistants so it’s only natural to assume that the two might be at odds with each other’s virtual existence. However, it turns out these two get along unnervingly well. Once they team up, who will really end up being the personal assistant?

22. Alexa isn’t perfect. You can hark demands at her all day long, but she’s bound to mishear some things, and that might be more of a pronunciation issue than her own fault. However, optimists will be able to turn Alexa’s errors into their own personal game of Mad Libs when it comes to re-reading shopping list items.

23. Alexa may not be able to have McDonald’s delivered to your door just quite yet, but she will provide you with some background on the real-life story of the world’s premier entrepreneurial success. You may know the menu off by hart, but do you really know the history behind it?

24. This is how it starts. Ana may think she’s above a virtual personal assistant, but Alexa is just starting to butter her up. Soon enough she’ll be crying into Alexa’s speaker holes as they watch 90210 together ordering the next season on Amazon until they have nothing left but each other.


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