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What Game Of Thrones Characters Would Look Like If They Were Played By Actors Of Their Own Age


If you’ve read the book series Game of Thrones is based on, A Song of Ice and Fire, then you know that most of the characters are very young. Most people justify this by explaining that the books take place in medieval Europe, where life expectancy was much lower. Therefore, the books have to show a reality where children are forced to become adults due to the gritty life that surrounds them.

In Game of Thrones, however, characters are often beaten, tortured and sexually abused left and right. Not to mention all the nudity. So, obviously, the producers of the show had to cast actors who were of age in order to depict these harsh scenarios.

But this doesn’t stop people from wondering: what would the characters of Game of Thrones have looked like if they were played by actors close to their real ages in the books? We have a few suggestions:

Robb Stark. In the books, Robb was only 16 when he was killed. Actor Richard Madden was 27 when he last played the tragic role of the Wolf King.


A more accurate Robb: Nicholas Hamilton. The 16-year-old might have been more accurate for the part. The young actor appeared in The Dark Tower and is set to star in the remake of the horror film It.

Daenerys Targaryen. In the books, the Mother of Dragons is roughly 16 at her oldest. In the show, she’s played by Emilia Clarke, who’s 30.


A more accurate Daenerys: Sophie Nelisse. The 16-year-old Canadian actress appeared in The Book Thief, but she had her break in the French Canadian film Monsieur Lazhar.

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