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Everyone Asked The Same Question After Last Night’s ‘Game Of Thrones’


Game of Thrones has been on fire recently (yes, pun intended) with their tidbits of information that Arya Stark has gleamed and from the interactions between Khaleesi and Jon Snow. Before this article begins it is important for me to say this: spoiler alert! This article will dive into the most recent episode of Game of Thrones so if you haven’t watched it or if you don’t want to know what occurs, please be advised that there will be spoilers coming up.

In one of the most recent episodes of GOT, Daenerys decided to ride to Jon Snow’s rescue beyond the Wall.

However, in accordance to the GOT theme, an unlikely character was brutally slaughtered.

As Dany rode to Jon Snow’s rescue, the fans got to see Khaleesi’s reaction as she glimpsed at the Night King for the first time.


But suddenly, the Ice King grabs a giant ice spear and launches it at one of Dany’s beloved babies: Viserion.


As Viserion painfully screams and writhes in pain, the Ice King decides to resurrect him so that he too can have his own reptilian, scaled ride. 


The undead dragged Viserion’s body out of the water and fans watched on as the Ice King turned Viserion into an undead dragon.


Despite the advent of the zombified dragon, most fans were only concerned about one thing: the chains. KB went on Twitter to say: ‘now where in the snow hell did these fools get industrialized size chains?? #GameofThrones.’


Greg Howard went on Twitter to add to the firestorm by saying: ‘nah man, where’d they get them random chains from.’


Dust Buursma seconded that notion by tweeting: ‘Magical ice man raises an army of zombies and can enslave the dead with a touch.  Everyone: “Where they get them chains tho??” #GameOfThrones’


Many fans seemed more intrigued by how the Night King just randomly procured four giant chains than the fact that one of the three dragons had died.



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