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Here’s What Gangs From All Over the World Look Like

No matter the country, there are small pockets of low-income families, groups or individuals who are forced to engage in illegal activities in order to make a living. While these gangsters are not your typical suit-clad Mafia members or a part of the dangerous Mexican cartels, every country has their own version of ‘low-class gangsters.’

These are not the typical street gangs that you see in movies or television shows.

So here at Providr, we bring to you the type of gangs that are prevalent in every country.

In France, the Racaille is a type of gang which engages in Lacoste fashion, as well as tucking their pant legs into their socks. Furthermore, they can be found hanging out around suburban train stations, loudly listening to music on their phones and blatantly hitting on every female.


In England, the ‘poor gangsters’ are known as the Chavs. They tend to rock a shaved head, with sportswear and they generally sport a cigarette in their mouths. They like to drink in public places, cause public mischief and engage in fraudulent activities.

Rach / flickr

In Japan, the Yakuza are rightfully feared. But the Yankii in Japan is comprised of young Japanese people. They are mostly known for being loud, boisterous and disobeying the strict rules of Japanese culture. They tend to dye their hair blonde or orange and like to squat on street corners while drinking sake.

In the United States, these ‘low-grade’ gangsters are usually called ‘white trash.’ They generally live in trailer parks and drink beer. Something along the lines of the show ‘Trailer Park Boys.’ In Russia, the Gopniks are known to squat on their friend’s back and they like to smoke cigarettes and steal money.

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