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Gender Swap Patient Reveals Why They Are Changing Genders For The Third Time


Ria Cooper is the youngest person in the United Kingdom to have ever been prescribed female hormones. And now, she has the distinction of being the first trans person to have a sex change.

Ria was born a man, Brad, and she underwent a sex-swap when she was just 15 years old.

Now, she has the unique distinction of switching genders three times in her 23 years on this planet.

It was when she was only 15 when doctors controversially agreed with her that she was a girl trapped in a boy’s body and agreed to go through with the sex change.

At the time, she was given blockers to prevent her male body from going through puberty. She was then given female hormones to stop the growth of facial hair and to begin the formation of breasts.

But just under 3 years after her first gender reassignment surgery and after multiple battles with depression, drugs, violent relationships and prostitution she decided to get another sex change to go back to being Brad.

By then, Ria had tried to take her own life twice and she says that the hormones that were pumped into her were causing her to spiral into self-destruction.

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