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This Genius Invention Is Saving Animals From Terrible Deaths


A big part of the summer involves taking a dip in a swimming pool. Everyone who owns a pool knows that there can be the unfortunate occasion when a small animal gets into the water, can’t figure out how to get out, and ends up drowning.

This often happens to lizards, rodents, amphibians, and all sorts of animals. In order to try and prevent these accidents, Wildlife Biologist Rich Mason has created an invention called the FrogLog.

It’s small, simple, and might do wonders in saving backyard wildlife. It will also save you some time on pool maintenance.

Mason got a call from a friend in June of 2004 after they had just installed an in-ground swimming pool.

He wrote on his official website that frogs had been dying in the neighboring pool in the wooded lot near Baltimore, Maryland.

Mason was troubled at this news and decided to create some sort of raft device that could possibly help them escape.

Warm weather means swimming pool season, but it also means frog season. Mason’s invention will not only save animals lives but it will save you the trouble of having to fish critters from your pool.

The FrogLog includes an inflatable platform attached to a mesh skirt. It also has a weighted pouch that helps secure the FlogLog to the ledge.

There is also a mesh ramp that connects the two ends together. The platform is obviously waterproof and doesn’t take up too much space.

Mason created the FrogLog prototypes completely by hand using fabrics and foam. He chose blue coloring which matches the aesthetic of the pool.

When Mason’s invention was covered by The Dodo it gained a lot of attention and attracted over 68 thousand likes.

Mason’s first trials of the FrogLog were a huge success, having saved over 50 frogs and countless other small animals from drowning.

In 2004, Mason had a friend who found 53 dead frogs in her pool. His little invention has the potential to avoid those situations entirely, possibly forever, if people choose to install it.

After he swapped the foam out for an inflatable platform, the device was good to go and he began to sell the FrogLog.

Since then it has received nothing but praise. The FrogLog has saved tons of animals including snakes, mice, and even birds across North America.


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