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‘Ghost Car’ Appears To Come Out Of Nowhere In Crash Footage

Footage released on Facebook from Singapore seems to show an apparent ghost car appearing out of nowhere and causing an accident. The footage was released through dash cam footage and has been stumping people ever since it was uploaded to the popular social media page.


The video begins with a white car, the one that will later narrowly avoid hitting the ghost car, waiting for a red light to change. As the driver is trying to make their right-hand turn on a yellow light, a small, silver car appears out of nowhere and barely misses them. The car skids out of the way in an attempt to swerve and the white car rushes to a halt in the middle of the intersection.

The video that appeared on the Facebook page,, slowed the footage down to offer viewers a better look at where the car may have come from. Those who analyzed the video claim the car is visible at two different points in the video, at 0:09 and once more at 0:15. The car is barely visible the second time but if you pay close attention, people claim that you can see it.

However, it’s difficult to tell if the spot seen is the car or one of the side mirrors on the car across the intersection.

Of course, others were quick to point out that since none of the other cars caught in traffic seem to be reacting, the video could very well be a fake. 

Though, some do argue that the video is authentic and blame the ghost car phenomenon on the white car simply blocking the silver one from view. Some also commented on the spotty footage from a dash cam not being able to provide the proper footage to make an accurate judgment.

Either way, people are having a hard time trying to figure out if the video is real.

According to the posting on Facebook, no one in the crash was injured.

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