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Giant Anaconda Gets Pulled By It’s Tail, Men Get Fined $600

Most sane people try to steer clear of dangerous predators in the wild, but one trio of boaters decided to mercilessly taunt a massive serpent they crossed paths with. The daunting footage shows a fisherman attempting to pull a giant yellow anaconda from a river, an irresponsible act that resulted in fines for everyone involved.

According to O Correio News, husband and wife Betinho Borges and Sirlei Oliveira alongside friend Rodrigo Santos, were boating down the Santa Maria river, in the southwestern state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. The trio eventually came across a yellow anaconda, estimated to be at least 17 feet long, which had visibly just consumed a large meal.


Instead of deviating from the massive serpent, the group of boaters started to chase the anaconda and prod it with a wooden oar. While the snake clearly just wanted to escape, Santos ended up grabbing a hold of its tail and dragged it through the water.

The yellow anaconda was undoubtedly stressed as it writhed around wildly in the fisherman’s grip, but the group continued to relentlessly torment the serpent. After documenting the experience, the footage was posted to social media, which ended up getting this trio of thrill-seekers in some trouble with the law.

Once the Environmental Military Garden police saw the footage circulating around social media, they immediately sought out the people involved. All three boaters were fined roughly $600 USD for their reckless taunting and they claimed to have no idea they had committed a crime.  

O Correio News reports that the trio could potentially face up to a year and a half in jail if convicted under an environmental law that proscribes the chasing or hunting of wildlife without a license.

Major Edmilson Queiroz, an officer of the state’s environmental police, told O Correio: “The animal’s place is to be quiet in nature, and a man’s place is to be quiet in his corner, each one playing their role in nature.”


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