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Gigi Hadid Has A Look-Alike And She Is A Beautiful Plus-Size Model


Social media, especially Instagram, has created a lot of ‘superstars’ and millionaires. NBA stars get a chance to showcase their personal workouts, professional bodybuilders can showcase how they truly get big, and aspiring models have a chance to show off their statuesque talents.

Now most of us probably already know who Gigi Hadid is. But for those who are unaware, Gigi is a 22-year-old American model and is considered one of the top models in the United States with multiple Vogue covers under her belt and a massive social media following.

But a blogger and model from the Netherlands has a strikingly similar look to her American counterpart.

Iza Ijzerman, or Izzy as she is sometimes referred to, is a Dutch blogger and model who could easily pass off as Gigi Hadid’s twin sister.

Given her full lips, long blond hair, a pair of bright green eyes and a button nose, it is not a stretch to say Iza could be Gigi’s doppelganger.

As models, they both share some similar poses on their respective Instagram accounts and Iza’s modeling agency, MiLK, is taking advantage of that by marketing her as the ‘curvy Gigi Hadid.’

The Dutch model has also posed for the swimwear line Alpine Butterfly which focuses on body positivity and self-love.

Besides the appearance, the two models share the same age and Gigi’s mother (Yolanda) is from the Dutch town of Papendrecht making Gigi half Dutch as well.

Although Iza thinks she looks more like Bella than Gigi, this is not the first time that someone has mentioned the striking similarities to her.

In an interview with Refinery29, she said: ‘the first time someone mentioned it was on Instagram.’

‘When I signed with MiLK, they posted a picture with the caption ‘The new curvy Gigi Hadid,’ so that’s the moment I realized it might be true!’


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