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Gingers Will Soon Get Their Own Emojis

One of the best aspects of having an iPhone is having the wonderful variety of emojis at your finger tips. Emoji’s have been around since our society began typing, but in the beginning all we had were the symbols on our keyboard to express ourselves =(. Now, we have fruits, animals, vegetables, and dancing ladies.  

Apple has tried very hard to make sure their emoji options are inclusive of all lifestyles, races, and genders. All the “professional” emojis, like the pilot and doctor, include a male and female option because boys and girls can do the same jobs. Now they are covering one last base that will complete their path to be a beacon of equality.


They have brunettes and blondes as an option for the little people emojis, in a number of different skin tones. But they don’t have…A ginger emoji?! They even created bats and avocados in the last update, but our ginger friends have been left behind again.

Discrimination is something that gingers are all too familiar with. Their fiery red hair and pale, freckled skin make them easy targets—must they stand being omitted as an emoji option as well? What emoji would Ed Sheeran put down to represent himself? A blonde one? No. No ginger should have to put a hair color different than their own on an emoji and Apple totally agrees.

Gingers are the last frontier of equality for Apple’s emojis to reach, and their founder recently gave an interview where he made it clear gingers would be coming soon. He also outlined why he feels it is important for emoji’s to be all inclusive.  

“I strongly feel it’s important that minority groups such as gingers are represented via emojis, because emojis are quite literally the fastest growing language in human history, and it’s being used globally,” says the founder of Emojipedia, Jeremy Burge. 


“No matter where you’re from, or where you’re going…you’re guaranteed to come across emojis…and everyone understands them,” adds Burge.  It’s nice that our ginger friends will be represented in emojis like the rest of us. Ed Sheeran can rest easy, he will be able to fully express himself using the Apple emoji keyboard.

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