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This Girl Accused Her Boyfriend Of Cheating On FB, But She Was The One Who Ended Up Owned


Being cheated on is a heartbreaking, miserable thing to deal with. No man or woman wants to go through it, and having to deal with it is no easy task. Sometimes, though, a person who doesn’t have enough trust in their partner may find that they are paranoid or even jump to irrational conclusions when they see something which they think is suspicious. And if their suspicions are correct, it could result in chaos.

This is what happened to a girl named Patricia, who found a picture on Facebook of her boyfriend with another girl. She found out that he was cheating, and stopped at nothing to let the world know.

Her boyfriend responded, and the couple’s Facebook duel has now gone viral. Here’s the story.

A girl named Patricia was scrolling through Facebook while she was at work. She was shocked and appalled to come across this photo of her boyfriend embracing another girl.

Patricia immediately took to Facebook to bash her boyfriend. “So this is what you do when I’m at work, huh?” She wrote in a Facebook post.

Patricia got over 30 thirty likes on the post and was even supported by a few of her friends.

“You wait til I’m gone so you can call over your little ****,” she wrote on Facebook. “You too good for our family all of a sudden.”

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