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Girl Buys Thrift Store ‘Dress’ For $5, Starts Victory Dance And Explains That It Is Not A Dress At All

Reilly has jokingly dubbed herself the “pinnacle of modern-day fashion” as she shows off her $5 beautiful dress that she found at the thrift store. You can tell by the video she posted on her YouTube page that she’s pretty excited about her purchase. It’s honestly a pretty adorable dress…wait. It’s a dress, right?

As you watch the video, you realize that not only is Lauren excited that she found such a cute outfit, but it also tricks people. What do I mean by that? Well, at first glance people will think it’s just a long, short-sleeved dress. It’s flowy, the print is very classy and looks like an all-around comfortable dress. But then…

Then Lauren surprises us all. Turns out she’s not wearing a dress at all. Instead, this nice, flowy “dress” is actually a pantsuit! Her pose in the photo says it all. Once she made this discovery, she wanted to share this amazing find on the internet and everyone loved it. Check out her 39-second video that almost got 3 million views!  

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