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Girl Buys Thrift Store ‘Dress’ For $5, Starts Victory Dance And Explains That It Is Not A Dress At All

Thrift stores are pretty popular amongst the millennials. With paying rent, having a low paying job, we can’t really afford to shop at designer stores. Thrift stores are great. You can get some pretty unique clothing for a very affordable price. Pretty sure Macklemore and Ryan Lewis said it best in their 2012 hit song “Thrift Shop.”

They emphasized that it’s a place to “pop some tags” with “only 20 dollars in my pocket.” In fact, people who shop at thrift stores get a lot of attention from others while walking down the street. You probably won’t find anyone else wearing the outfits you find there. Super unique.

#3 Youtube YouTube

Thrift stores also prove the saying “one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.” When you walk into one of these stores, you can totally see how one person’s discarded belongings can turn into another person’s treasure. If you don’t believe this saying then meet Lauren. She’s someone who clearly gets pretty excited when finding the perfect outfit at a Thrift Store, and the video below will prove it.

In 2013, Lauren Reilly went to the thrift store to find the perfect dress. Normally, you go into a mall and finding the perfect dress consists of spending 30 dollars and more. Also, walking around the mall, store to store could get pretty exhausting. Sometimes, after shopping for an hour or 2, you end up leaving the mall with absolutely NOTHING.

But in the thrift shop, things are a little more bearable. You just have to walk around a single store, and you are looking to spend less than 20 dollars. Yep, you read that right. 20 dollars or less. Which is exactly what happened to Lauren.  

Reilly has jokingly dubbed herself the “pinnacle of modern-day fashion” as she shows off her $5 beautiful dress that she found at the thrift store. You can tell by the video she posted on her YouTube page that she’s pretty excited about her purchase. It’s honestly a pretty adorable dress…wait. It’s a dress, right?

As you watch the video, you realize that not only is Lauren excited that she found such a cute outfit, but it also tricks people. What do I mean by that? Well, at first glance people will think it’s just a long, short-sleeved dress. It’s flowy, the print is very classy and looks like an all-around comfortable dress. But then…

Then Lauren surprises us all. Turns out she’s not wearing a dress at all. Instead, this nice, flowy “dress” is actually a pantsuit! Her pose in the photo says it all. Once she made this discovery, she wanted to share this amazing find on the internet and everyone loved it. Check out her 39-second video that almost got 3 million views!  


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