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Girl Gets Creepy Message, Her Brother Wears A Swimming Suit To Defend Her

#2 Facebook @TessWrightFacebook @TessWright

When you have a brother or a sister, you know that it’s a love-hate relationship. Most of the time you’re hating on each other. But at the end of the day, you know that your siblings always have your back no matter what.

One particular brother showed exactly what it means to defend your sibling and he got pretty creative. It involved a two piece bathing suit. Although, it is bathing suit season, so it’s not that out of the ordinary.

What this brother did for his sister Tess is beyond noteworthy and it’s pretty witty as well. You also have to admit, this guy knows how to rock a bathing suit. It all started because of a post that Tess made on her Facebook page.

She had written that she is wanting to sell her bathing suit, writing “So, I’m selling a bathing suit on the Facebook yard sale and a man comments…”

She continued, writing: “a man comments and ask me if he can see a picture of it being worn before buying…”

#1 Facebook @TessWrightFacebook @TessWright

Tess finishes by writing, “…of course I was going to ignore the comment but Kade just couldn’t resist…” Kade definitely didn’t hold back.

#2 Facebook @TessWrightFacebook @TessWright

One man was inappropriate to his sister and he didn’t even hesitate to back her up. The man essentially wanted to see her in a bathing suit.

#3 Facebook @TessWrightFacebook @TessWright

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