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Girl From Cheating Boyfriend Meme Found In Even Sadder Photo Shoot


The new meme that is all the rage these days has to be the ‘distracted boyfriend’ meme. It is the viral image that shows a guy with his girlfriend but he is craning his neck to check out another female. The meme has since gone viral and people on social media have used it relentlessly.

Whether it is for the recent solar eclipse or as a joke about becoming an adult, people have been using this meme for basically any and every situation.

But what many people want to know is why haven’t these stock photo actors come forth with the context behind these images?

The image was originally titled ‘Disloyal Man Walking With His Girlfriend and Looking Amazed at Another Seductive Girl’ and well… it’s since been changed by social media.


The photographer behind this image is 45 year old Antonio Guillem and he is based in Barcelona.


A man by the name of Alexander Goot went on Twitter to describe his curiosity: ‘how have these stock photo actors not materialized for an interview yet? I’m MYSTIFIED by this.’


But it became apparent that these actors aren’t just involved in this one photoshoot. Another image quickly surfaced showcasing what seems to be a cheating scenario.


Robert Cargill posted the picture on Twitter with the caption saying: ‘I swear to Christ, what this woman puts up with…’


Another user known only as SlanderDome came in with his tweet saying: ‘he’s legit confused over why she’s mad.’


The Kiwi added his insight into the thought provoking meme with this tweet: ‘from the perspective, I could swear those aren’t actually his hands which only raises further questions.’


And it seems like people on social media are still confused as to the origin and context behind these images. Laura on Twitter tweeted: ‘I have so many questions about this, I don’t know where to start.’



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