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Makeup trends and tutorials are a very popular subject on the internet right now. Whether it be a new lip look or a full face creation, people have been getting very creative with their makeup art. Some people even use makeup to transform themselves into their favorite characters from films or television.

One makeup guru named Hye-Min Park, known by her online name Pony Makeup, uses her awesome skills to transform herself into her favorite celebs. She’s created looks such as Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Kylie Jenner. She is one of the most influential makeup bloggers in South Korea with over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and 3 million followers on Instagram. 

You might be thinking the only way you can transform into someone else is to wear a mask or get plastic surgery but you’re about to get proven wrong.

Check out the awesome step by step transformation as Hye-Min uses makeup to completely transform her appearance. The end results are incredible.

1. She starts off by priming her skin using The POREFessional. This is a super important step as it prepares the skin for the makeup and helps it last longer. As you can see, she doesn’t exactly look like Kylie’s twin right not, but just wait. 

2. Next she goes in with a bit of eyeshadow from Urban Decay. She covers both lids using a wedge brush from MAC as well as using a cotton swab to apply more primer. 

3. After applying face and body cream to her cheeks, nose and forehead she uses a wedge puff to blend it into her skin.

4. Then she uses foundation to cover her natural eyebrows. This might look a little freaky at this point, but this technique is part of what makes the final result look so drastic. 

5. Now it’s time to recreate some eyebrows. First, she uses an eyebrow pencil to get the basic shape down. She draws this slightly above her natural brow.

6. She fills this out using an eyeliner pen in the shade ‘choco brown.’ She makes little strokes in the direction of the growth of her brow hairs to create a realistic looking pair of brows. She also blends this with a gel eye liner and brushes her natural eyebrows hair up to give it a realistic look. 

7. Using foundation, she seals her eyebrows by outlining them with a thin layer of product and blending. This helps them keep their shape and last long.

8. To define the creases in her eyelids, she uses the same choco brown eyeliner to create a thin line. She then uses her finger to smudge this out a bit, making it appear more natural.

9. Moving on to eye shadow, she primes her eyes using a special eye shadow primer from Urban Decay. She then applies a shade of purple lightly to her eyes.

10. Then she blends a nude shade on her eyelids as well as underneath her eyes. Just from blending different powders and lines, you can already see a transformation starting to happen.

11. She redefines the crease of her eyelid after applying a dark eye shadow to the corners of her outer eye. Using a product called High Brow Glow she blends this out.

12. Now it’s time for eyeliner. She paints on a sharp wing using a gel eye liner and brush. This technique might be a little tricky, but a pen eyeliner would work fine as well.

13. Using another gel eyeliner in a rose brown color, she lines her under eye and blends. The subtle pop of color lightens her eyes

14. After applying a pair of false lashes, she uses mascara to plump them up, and then accentuates her lower lashes.

15. She takes this a step further by using eyeliner to draw on extended lower lashes. She makes it look incredibly easy and natural but in reality this is probably petty tricky to master.

16. Now it’s time for some face shaping. First she uses concealer on her cheekbones, chin, and nose before blending it outwards using the wedge puff.

17. After using a different concealer on her forehead and beginning to contour using a bit of eyeshadow on her nose and lower lip, she highlights using a liquid concealer.

18. Before contouring further, she presses a powder into her cheekbones and and forehead to act as a canvas for the contour palette.

19. Contouring is a tutorial in itself, so I won’t bother trying to explain it here. Using the Shade+Light Contour palette from Kat Von D, she uses the different shades to accentuate her cheekbones and jawline.  

20. If there is one thing that Kylie Jenner is known for, it’s her lips. Several people do a lot to achieve a similar look. Hye-Min creates it by lining her lips just over her actual lip line to make them appear a bit plumper.

21. She fills this in using a liquid lipstick from Kat Von D in a cherry red color. Liquid lipsticks are becoming increasingly popular because they often dry matte and don’t smudge as easily.

22. To enhance the color, she blends a pressed powder carefully using a brush.

23. To get the signature Kylie Jenner upward lip curve, she draws a thin line on the corners of her lips using the choco brown eyeliner.

24. Se seals her lips using more foundation. This will help to ensure that the color doesn’t bleed onto her skin and will keep the shape of her lips clean.

25. She repeats the step at the bottom which as you can see has also been over lined. She blends the corners outwards to create a cute point at the corners of her lips. 

26. Finally, to create a matching hairline, she uses a dark eye shadow to create wisps of hair on her forehead. After blending, it’s surprising how realistic this turned out.

27. And this is the final look! Talk about total transformation. She really does look like she could be apart of the Kardashian/Jenner family.

28. To see the full transformation and to read a detailed list of products used, you can visit her YouTube channel. She lists everything she uses in the description, as well as featuring an image of the product in the corner of her videos.

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