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Girl Tried To Pass Myrtle Beach Off As The Bahamas And Twitter Is Not Letting It Fly

#1 Daily Mail

It’s safe to say that lying on the internet isn’t as easy as it once was. These days, it’s so easy to spot photoshopped photos, or how many filters a single photo has on it. There’s just no way of being sneaky these days.

If you are brave enough to try and do something that isn’t necessarily “real,” then you have to be prepared for the consequences. That means, getting “attacked” by people in the Facebook and Twitter world. It’s all in good fun, right?

Recently, a young woman named Mo Mullikin who lives in South Carolina posted a video of the clear blue waters of the Bahamas with the caption ‘Myrtle Beach, SC’ and a smiley face. Naturally, people in the Twitter world couldn’t resist.

People were completely outraged and had to point out that the glistening water looked nothing like the dirtier water of the Atlantic.

#8 Twitter @Johns_Da_ManTwitter/ Johns_Da_Man

The Twitter world completely called this girl out, wondering where in Myrtle Beach she found such clean water, others fully trolling back.

#4 Twitter @WernerCarleighTwitter/ @WernerCarleigh

Some even went as far as posting their own video of the waters of Myrtle Beach in order to compare it with the video that Mo posted.

#3 Twitter @TaylorWaters4Twitter/ @TaylorWaters

When someone argued with her that it was the Bahamas, Mo still stood by her playful post and said it was Myrtle Beach.

#2 Twitter @CaitlinnguthTwitter/ @Caitlinnguth

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