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Girls Painfully Wipe Out After Crazy Waterslide Accident

Flying down a water slide is especially fun and even more fun if you do it with a friend. But there’s one thing that the activity needs (apart from the actual slide of course). You need water or else you’ll get stuck and can’t slip and slide on your way down.

You may be thinking “well, that’s common sense,” and it should be. But one park apparently missed the memo. Two girls decided to take a little trip down the water slide, but somewhere in the middle, they got stuck because of a lack of water. It seemed like there was no way for them to reach the bottom.

Well, you can imagine that the meeting of the three girls wasn’t exactly pleasant. As you watch it happen you’ll think, “No! don’t go down, stop!” but alas there’s nothing we can do to alter fate. This is the water park’s fault. First, for allowing another slider to get on before the other two had reached the bottom.

And two, for not having enough water on the slide to get the first two girls off. It’s pretty clear that this park just couldn’t care less though and so instead we now have this funny video of three girls meeting in the worst way possible. Let’s just hope no one got hurt in the process!

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