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This Goat Fart Scares The Heck Out Of This Toddler

Animals and babies make for some very adorable photo shoots. Whether it’s a puppy and a baby or a kitten and a toddler, it all makes for some great Christmas cards. Maybe because they are both cute, soft and cuddly but when we see a puppy and a baby interact it is almost unanimous that people will go ‘awwww.’

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So when we bring our children or younger siblings to a farm or a petting zoo, it is quite adorable to see them interact with some of these wild animals. There have been many viral videos showcasing the companionship between animals and babies.

Whether it is a monkey playing Hide-n-Seek with a tiny toddler or a dolphin trying to catch a little baby girl, these videos have gone viral mainly due to the ‘cuteness’ aspect of the videos. However, when a young boy named Asher went to pet a goat at a local petting zoo, he was in for quite a scare.

Not because the goat charged at him or because the animal was a little too aggressive, but it was more so because the furry animal needed to pass some gas. The reaction that Asher displayed is not only cute but sincerely genuine as well.

In the beginning of this very short video, Asher can be seen brushing this white goat. As the animal stays still for Asher to brush him, Asher’s family can be heard in the background encouraging the little boy to brush the tiny animal.

All of the sudden, the goat hunches and lurches its back and lets out a menacing fart. Asher is evidently startled and lets out a tiny yell. As his little feet recoils him backward in a state of fright, he lunges towards dad to be picked up into the safe embrace of his arms.

His reaction almost immediately elicits laughter from what seems to be the mother. This video is sure to crack a smile on the faces of the people who watch it as well!


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