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These Good Deed Stories Prove That Humanity Still Exists

The world is full of greed, hate and negativity. When you turn on the news all you hear about is death, war, terrorism and other negativities. With all the horrifying stories that take place; there are many heartfelt stories that go unnoticed. Whether it’s because people don’t seek recognition or the media doesn’t think it’s an important story, good deed stories are out there.

Acts of kindness and generosity can come in many different forms. You could hold the door for someone who is having a bad day and put a smile on their face. By doing this they are able to touch our soul in a way that will leave us with a memory that we will never forget.

I’ve written many stories that have ended with someone being brutally injured or dead. I’ve written stories where someone is suffering from a disease or condition that’s left them fighting for their life. I agree that these stories need to be written because everyone’s story needs to be told. But I also believe that good deed stories need to be told as well. Below you will find overheard good deed stories that will bring tears to your eyes.

A Memorable Christmas: Amy Scharman, who lives in Mapleton, Utah remembers the Christmas after her parents got divorced. Her mother was raising 13 children with no child support. Amy says that the holiday was looking really grim as her mom tried to make things special. But on Christmas Eve, Amy remembers hearing a knock on the back door of the house. When they proceeded to open the door, there was no one there. But what was there was 10 bags filled with gifts for all the children. To this day, Scharman and her family still have no idea who left those gifts. Could it have been Santa Claus?

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A Mother Will Always Care: Donna Delfino Dugay, who is from Harper Woods, Michigan, remembers a good deed that will always stick with her. She was 11-years-old and her parents took their six children to the beach. Donna’s mother brought a picnic lunch that consisted of fried chicken and her famous potato salad. She prepared a plate for each of them. While Donna was eating, she noticed that her mother was fixing one more plate. She watched her mother walk about 30 feet to a man who was searching through the garbage can by himself. She tapped him on the shoulder and gave him the plate of food. Donna’s mom came back to the picnic table and didn’t say a word. Donna says that after that moment, good deeds became a part of her life.

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Tears of Gratitude: This story takes place in San Jose with a single mother. She was dropping off her toddler at daycare but was running behind schedule. She was going to take the train but then it showed up before she could buy a ticket. She had her daughter in one arm and a diaper bag in the other and ran for the train without a ticket. She made it onto the train, but at the very next stop, an officer got on the train. The woman prayed that he wouldn’t start checking tickets, but sure enough, he did. But the unthinkable happened next. A young man who was seated in front of the woman showed his ticket to the officer. When the officer turned his back to check another person’s ticket, the young man slipped his ticket to the woman. The man had seen the woman running to the train with her baby in her arms and knew that she should not be punished.

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Just Smile: With people living such busy lifestyles and constantly on social media, people have trouble taking compliments and talking to each other. One guy noticed this and decided to do something about it. He went to a university campus and started handing out roses to random girls. He would let them know that they’re beautiful on the inside and out, and no matter how busy they get someone will always appreciate them. I watched the video and I can tell you that it touched me just as much as it did for everyone who received a rose.

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