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This Goofy Comparison Between Ronaldo And Rooney Shirtless Is Hilarious

Anyone who is a fan of European football, or as American’s like to call it “soccer,” is probably familiar with the names Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo. The two are pretty famous in this sport, and were both were Manchester United wonder-kids.

In the summer of 2004, Rooney was only 18 years old and signed onto the team from Everton. Ronaldo was 19 years old at the time. It wasn’t long after that that the English striker and the Portuguese winger would be considered two of the most talented young players in Europe.

According to Mirror, if you asked any football fan during that time, they would tell you that Rooney and Ronaldo were at very similar stages of their career. They were and still are household names and fixtures of the sport.

While Rooney is still playing for the Red Devils, Ronaldo for years now has been playing for Real Madrid. But has anything else changed? A shirtless photo of the two players has gone viral and shows one striking distinction between the two soccer stars.

Now, lets be fair to Rooney here, because most guys wouldn’t look their best if they had a side by side shirtless photo next to Cristiano Ronaldo. You see, the reason the photo went viral is that it has some people online suggesting that Rooney isn’t in as good of shape as Ronaldo.

Not every man shows his strength, endurance or stamina in quite the same way. Who knows, that extra bit of weight around Rooney’s torso may help him keep his balance. Or is that too much of stretch?

This is a recent photo of the England captain on holiday in Ibiza and when they’re put alongside Ronaldo, it kind of gets you thinking.

Laying the picture of Rooney next to the picture of Cristiano Ronaldo is pretty striking. One can clearly see why Ronaldo has been able to maintain top form all these years, while Rooney’s abilities have substantially faded.

Rooney’s body is more of the “dad bod”  that goes to swim on vacation with his kids. Ronaldo’s abs are more Greek god. What do you think the ladies prefer: ‘dad bod’ or Greek god’?

Not to mention Rooney’s tan game is pretty weak. It’s more of the “farmer’s tan” whereas Ronaldo is basically a bronzed supermodel. Not all of us can get that sort of tan…it takes a lot of skill… oh, and perfect genes, probably.

Rooney definitely looks more down to earth and one of the guys compared to Ronaldo’s confident, muscular shirtless look. Which do you prefer? 


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