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10 Crimes Caught On Google Earth


Long gone are the days of trying to navigate to a destination using a paper map. Web mapping services like Google Maps have made getting around easier than ever with features like:

  • Real-time traffic updates,
  • Fastest route options,
  • Transit times,
  • Walking directions.

One of Google Map’s most innovative features is the “Street View” option, which provides panoramic views from various positions along many streets around the world. However, Google’s cameras have ended up capturing a lot more than just street and aerial imagery.

Here are 10 crimes that have been caught on Google Earth.

1. A teenager was attacked by two guys who dragged him off of his bike and then stole it. Luckily, a Google car was around to document the perpetrators.

sv1Google Maps

Unable to identify the thieves from description alone, the victim pulled up Google Maps and found his attackers on Street View. Police were able to determine the identities of the two thieves and arrested them.

sv2Google Maps

2. In 2013, Oregon police discovered a suspicious aerial sight on Google Earth. All it took was a zoom to uncover that the rural area was being used as a huge marijuana operation.

sv3Google Earth

Rogue Area Drug Enforcement agents raided the property and Battlecam star Curtis Croft was caught for growing three times the legal amount of the drug.

sv4Google Earth

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