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16 Funny And Weird Google Maps Images

featuredGoogle Maps

Since being launched in 2005, Google Maps has become the all encompassing tool for navigation and street view from the comfort of your own home (or cell phone). When they included millions of photographs from cars, bikes and satellites all over the world, there was bound to be some wild and unfortunate moments caught on camera. Google street view has caught things like:

  • Public urination
  • Couples fornicating
  • Criminal activity

The photos have been used in criminal investigation and on almost every type of media available. Maps has become one of the most used applications Google has ever released, and even been tied to huge games like Pokemon Go.

While there are surely some undiscovered oddities still out there on Google, here are some of the best (and worst) images ever captured. 

1/ Outside of Tuscon, Arizona there is the infamous airplane boneyard, resting place of thousands of aircraft. It’s an unbelievable sight from the sky, the rows looking a little too ordered to be natural.

2/ This massive thumbprint in a park in the UK is actually a giant maze for children. It’s just one of many things created for the Google aerial photos.

3/ People write messages in fields, though sometimes they don’t have the best design. “You! America Make Proud!”

4/ Businesses have gotten in on the act, starting to “mapvertise” by creating their logos in the open spaces. This one is made with thousands of small colored tiles.

5/ The street view though is where the gold is. Like this baby left alone outside a Gucci store. Hopefully the parent is just behind that column.

6/ Or the many couples that have been caught in the act. This one, unfortunately was a setup as they saw the Google-car coming. Lots of others haven’t been so planned.

 7/ It can also capture beauty, like this man putting the finishing touches on his wonderful painting in the park.

8/ And the bizarre, like a man on a penny-farthing towing a penguin. That is not a photo you see every day (unless you have it bookmarked, that is).

8Google Maps

9/ These Japanese art students from a nearby college put their mark on street view history with one of the more creepy photos out there. They turned as the Google bike went by, meaning two photos have them staring at you in different directions.

10/ There are also things that Google hasn’t noticed, like this photo evidence of their car breaking the speed limit. Not shown: the person he cut off to get there (not really).

 11/ Two men trapped in endless combat for the rest of time. This is a photo they will sing songs about when the victor finally emerges.

12/ Speaking of emerging, how about this naked man getting out of his trunk. Who needs a Sunday cruise in the convertible, just jump inside and cook for an hour.

13/ Of course, there is more public urination on street view than you could believe. It seems like every corner of the world has someone marking his territory.

14/ If you’re not marking, your digging – this time for gold. I can only imagine what his passenger must think while he goes knuckle-deep.

 15/ Walking down the street with a blow-up doll is something you may want to forget. Luckily, the internet never forgets.

16/ Even among all the mishaps and silly photos, Google has also provided us with some of the most wonderful shots of earth imaginable. Like this one, from the Great Barrier Reef; that’s right, it has even been cataloged and you can journey underwater without ever getting wet.


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