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This Photo On Google Maps Caused Quite The Stir On Reddit


Google Maps has been used by people all over the world. Whether you are traveling abroad or to a friend’s new house, Google Maps is employed to get you from point A to point B. However, a recent image caught by one of those Google vans showcased a woman who was none too pleased with their arrival.

The image showed a woman flipping off the Google van.

Without any real evidence or information to work on, Reddit users began postulating their very own theories.

A street view in Austin, Texas created some controversy online after a person was recorded backing out of a residential neighborhood.

Tech CrunchTech Crunch

However, the driver’s arm was hanging out of the window and the image clearly depicts the driver waving a middle finger at the camera.


Cut off from the image is a woman standing on the left just out of frame. No one is quite sure what sparked the heated gesture but that didn’t stop Reddit users from guessing.


A Reddit user postulated: ‘my coworkers waved at a Google car a few months ago, and earlier this week we were looking to see if you could see it on street view. Sadly they were mostly obscured by a tree, lol.’


Some believed that the driver was mad at the woman who was off to the side while others believe that the gesture was directed to Google and its drivers.

Search Engine LandSearch Engine Land

A user commented: ‘she was probably mad that he didn’t sweep the sidewalk after mowing.’


While others said: ‘maybe the woman was just a coincidence and the person in the car just likes to flip off the Google cars for funsies.’

Daily GeniusGenius

And finally, from someone who has experience flipping off a Google car: ‘I was featured flipping off the Google car in my driveway last year. It only stayed up for a month or two, then Google replaced several frames of that most recent drive-by with frames from a previous drive-by. It took them about 5 months to even process and post the original photos. I was flipping it off mostly because it was doing 45 on my 25 MPH street.’

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