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You use your hands for everything so it’s important to keep them in tip top shape. Nobody wants to hold hands with a person that has dirty fingernails. For those that have difficulty maintaining clean hands, here are a few pointers:

  • Wash them
  • Moisturize them
  • Cut your fingernails

Most people are content with their hands as long as they are nice and clean. But if you really want to step up your game and impress your crush then you could always paint your nails to add a little bit of pizzazz.

A basic coat of one color polish is a little boring. If you want to look show off your superstar status then you need to try something new. For an easy but impressive manicure, the gradient effect is the perfect style for you. In this gallery, we show you 16 different gradient style nails that you need to try. 

If you like stripes then you will love this look. Use two different shades of polish, preferably your favorite color and a glittery polish, to accomplish this look. You can use tape to create the neat lines.

Pastels look good on pretty much everyone. A baby blue base coat with some white specks by your nail beds will mimic the looks of snowflakes. This is the perfect look for winter.

Glitter makes everything better. If you like the look of a French manicure but have trouble trying to replicate them, you can use a glitter polish to make things a little easier. It’s okay if your lines are a little messy, the glitter makes up for any mistakes.


Soft pinks look best on manicures since they resemble your natural nail color. A bit of silver sparkles helps enhance the look to show off your unicorn side.

But if you’re more of a dark fairy kind of person, then a dark shade like black might be more your speed. But instead of keeping it plain and simple, throw a bit of glitter by the bed of your nail for an ombré effect.

Triangles were a big thing in the hipster scene back in the day. The contrast between the black and white polishes really adds an interesting appeal to the manicure.

 Silver basically goes with everything. Use a chrome polish to create a detailed manicure to really take your nails to the next level. 

Want a vampy nail look to go with your black soul? A deep red paired with some gold flakes really say, “I may have fabulous nails but you do NOT want to mess with me.” 

If you don’t want to look like a plain Jane or a basic Becky then it’s a good idea to have different nail art on each nail. Alternate your patterns and colors to add a bit of flair to your look.

If you’re the kind of person that likes to have different nails depending on the season, then you’re going to want to try out these adorable little reindeer nails. Use red and green shades as the base coat to make them even more Christmas-y. 

 Simplicity is key. Paint your nails using the standard sponge technique for the ombré effect and throw on a bit of pearls, or gems, for some added texture.


Matte shades make all the difference. Pair complimentary colors together for a stunning gradient matte look. If you don’t have any matte colors you can mix a bit of corn starch to a regular shade to create a DIY bottle of matte polish.

If you have already done a reindeer nail look this Christmas and you’re looking for another seasonal manicure look, we’ve got you covered. These lights are easy to replicate and will show off your giant collection of nail polishes. 

 You don’t need a lot of glitter to stand out from the crowd. By just adding a pinch of the sparkly stuff to a couple of nails you will look like a mermaid in no time.

Any watermelon lovers out there? Create a gradient effect using pink and green polishes if you want your nails to resemble watermelon slices. But don’t forget to add an accent nail!


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