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62-Year-Old Grandma Dresses Tween Granddaughter For A Week And It’s Interesting


Tweens today seem to try and dress up like they’re in their twenties. They try really hard to keep up with the latest trends, sometimes not realizing that they are just too young to wear the things that they’re wearing.

I’m talking about crop tops, short-shorts, chokers and even high waisted jeans. Sure, they look cute and stylish but at the end of the day, it’s not exactly what I was wearing when I was that age. I guess times are seriously changing!

For mom Katie Smith, letting her daughter wear what she wants is something she’s proud of. At the same time, there are things she wishes she didn’t wear. So one day, she decided to do a little experiment, and her daughter was up for it.

She thought it would be a fun experiment to have her 62-year-old mom dress her 12-year-old daughter for an entire week.

#1 Polyvore |

Katie noted to Babble that her mother shops at Sears and is pretty conservative, where tween daughter is more on the edgy side.

#2 Polyvore |

So we basically have two tastes on the opposite side of the pole. What could go wrong, right? Well, what happened was pretty surprising.

On day 1, her granddaughter loved the two pieces separately but didn’t like the fact that her grandma combined them into an outfit.

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