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Grandparents Are Furious After Shower Gel They Bought Granddaughter Had A Lewd Message

When Richard Shiner and his wife Tracey decided to get their eight-year-old granddaughter a gift for Christmas, they thought a small bottle of shower gel would be harmless enough.  Little did they know that the bottle contained a more “adult” message.  

The couple from Essex, England went to a store called Lush before Christmas and saw something they thought their young granddaughter Macy would like. A bath set containing putty and shower gel called “Little Snow Fairy” seemed appropriate for the young girl, so they purchased it along with another set for their grandson.


When Macy opened the gift on Christmas day, she asked why the instructions read: How to use: If you really don’t know how to use this, then we suggest you find someone you really like and invite them into the shower with you to demonstrate.” The Shiners were livid, thinking the message of inviting someone into the shower with you was clearly inappropriate for the young girl.

Shiner called the store’s headquarters, and was told that there had been other complaints lodged over the same product. While it was obviously offending some people, nothing had been done to change the labeling.

According to Shiner, the manager on the phone told him “they’re meant to be tongue in cheek”, despite admitting that the Snow Fairy line was aimed at children. Shiner responded by saying that innuendo was fine among adults, but not among children of that age.  

Lush has been known in the past to market their products as having aphrodisiacal properties, and aren’t shy to make these tongue-in-cheek descriptions. Their store however has no age warnings on any of the products, other than ingestion restrictions.


For Shiner, he doesn’t think his story will have much of a difference in the store’s approach: “He did apologize and offered me two free bath bombs, but I said it wasn’t about that – I wanted their labeling to be changed. He didn’t even take my name or address though, so I don’t think anything will be done.”

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