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24 Photos That Prove Our Grandparents Were Cooler Than Us


Happy Halloween, everyone! Instead of binging on candy and trying to find a costume that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars, I think we should celebrate by freaking ourselves out with just how cool our grandparents used to be.

Now, before we get started let’s all take a moment to bless Reddit for coming up with the OldSchoolCool forum. The forum has been a dumping ground for years where people could upload photos of celebrities from back in the day, their parents, or their grandparents being amazing. Some of these users’ grandfathers were spies, some of them shot themselves into space, and some were just plain awesome doing everyday things, which I think is something worth celebrating.

So, just grab some snacks and relish in the fact that you come from a pretty bomb family.

1. This user uploaded a photo of their grandmother “smoking her cigarette on the farm. Wearing pants and doing whatever the hell she wanted” in 1938. Not only does her outfit look like something you would find on the typical millennial of today but her dead-serious look into the camera convinces me that she was probably the biggest badass in town.

2. This photo was uploaded under the title of “My favorite picture of my grandparents,” which was taken in the early 1950s. I’m sorry. Can we all just relish in the fact that these two are super attractive? They might be grandparents now but they were two beauts all the way from back in the 50s.

3. Speaking of beauts, this user knew Reddit was loving their grandfather, which is why they uploaded another. “Since you all liked that last picture of my grandpa, I thought I’d share another. This is him with my grandma and uncle also in the 1950s. Dude never took a bad picture,” they said of the photo. You just know this grandfather was the kind of cool dude who would beat anyone at poker and smoke cigars at formal parties.

4. Everyone, feast your eyes on “my stud of a grandpa in his official NASA photo, 1965” because if that doesn’t scream cooler than you, I don’t know what does. The closest we’ll come to taking photos like this is if our grandkids find pictures of us at a science center or something. But you need to do something cool like this user’s grandfather.

5. Okay, get ready for this one. Not only was this user’s grandfather a bodybuilder but they were a “boxer and a chef of an Italian restaurant.” The photo was said to have been taken around 1958. Man, imagine trying to skimp out on paying after eating in this guy’s restaurant.

6. Am I the only one who’s getting the creeps with these Slenderman vibes? “My grandpa could have become a meme hero if they’d had the internet in 1952,” the user wrote and with this photo, it’s not hard to see why. Plus, an added bonus for being creepy AF.

7. I think it’s a bit of an understatement when this user says “my grandma (top) was a badass in WW2 (the 1940s)” because not only was she a part of the war but she was also busting her butt to do the work necessary. She worked harder than I do, lemme tell you that much.

8. There are a few things that say “cool” in my mind and motorcycles are one of them. This user uploaded the caption “my grandparents in the 1950s with one of their motorcycles,” which not only makes them super cool but can we revisit that caption for a moment? One of their motorcycles?

9. In the spirit of Halloween, this user uploaded a photo of her great-grandfather dressed up like Abraham Lincoln with his children in 1950. There’s something to be said for the guy who dresses up like Lincoln for his kids. I just really hope that his beard is the real thing.

10. We’re gonna stick with the Halloween theme for just a moment here with this next one. These may not be the grandparents of the user but their best friend’s grandparents “dressed up for a costume party on a cruise ship in 1954.” They added that they “thought you guys might like it” and they weren’t wrong.

11. This user’s grandfather is seen here totally hugging a horse like it’s no big deal. You know I’ve never even ridden a horse before and this guy is just hugging one. Anyone who hugs animals is cool in my mind. The photo is said to have been taken around the 1930s.

12. The uploader posted the caption: “My granddad circa 1955 with his second wife. He had fought Nazis in Italy a decade before, and was a looker his whole life.” So, not only was this guy a complete looker but he also risked his life to fight the Nazis. Let me tell you, anyone who can say they fought the Nazis is infinitely cooler and braver than us.

13. Okay. Guys. Can we just—? These outfits. Their mustaches. Their hairstyles. The fact that they’re all in a group of dapper men together. There are pocket watches and everything. That one guy in the back has a striped bow-tie. Come on, man. It’s game over at this point. The user uploaded this gem with the caption: “My great-great-grandfather with his crew in BA, Argentina (late 1800s).”

14. It’s always super cool to see when people are the first to accomplish something wonderful. The user of this photo said, “the guy with the hat is my grandpa, back in the 60s. He was the driver of the first commercial bus to travel from our city São Borja to Porto Alegre, capital of the Rio Grande do Sul state, south Brazil.” They also took a moment to comment on the awesome style of their grandfather.

15. This photo here is of the user’s grandmother in the late 1940s who “emigrated from Holland and founded her own ballet company in NYC.” This beautiful, hard-working woman founded her own company and is giving off some serious Kate Winslet vibes. (Am I the only one with this opinion?)

16. Men’s pinstripe suits and women’s plaid suits are always a good idea. These two lovebirds are on their first date and though we may not have been provided with an exact date uploaded along with this photo, I think it’s safe to say that their style never went out of fashion.

17. A wedding photo from the 1950s more often than not has something cool to show us millennials. In this case, this pic of the user’s “gorgeous” grandparents from 1955 was commended by the user for her grandmother’s “Queen Elizabeth crown [which] is everything.” I’m also usually not one for wedding gowns with sleeves either but this grandmother is slaying that too.

18. “My Grandpa (Vinny Fats, far left w glasses) during the Korean War circa 1951. So effing handsome,” this user writes of their grandfather. So, let’s go through the list of cool guy stuff, shall we? Aviators, nickname, James Dean vibes, and awesome hair, the look of someone who would defend all his friends and beat up anyone who crosses his sister? All check.

19. Okay, so this one is adorable not only because of that bow in the hair but also because this is a photo of the user’s “grandparents on the steps of their one-room school, 1939.” Again, we usually learn something new from historical photos and it’s crazy to think that these two learned in a one-room school.

20. This user uploaded a great photo of their “grandma modeling in her flight attendant uniform” from back in 1972. The beautiful hair, her great outfit, and killer boots put this grandmother up there in the ranks of grandparents who were doing some seriously cool stuff back in their day.

21. You’re all looking at this user’s “great grandma in the 1920s. She protested in the suffragette marches as a teenager and told me stories of when she was a hellcat.” These remind of me of the photos you’d see in a James Bond movie of a female spy who was just as powerful as he was. My money’s on her.

22. In this photo, we’ve got another great-grandmother here from back in the 1930s-1940s. Not only did she serve as a nurse in the second world war but the user claims that she’s “still a badass” and looking at this photo, I wouldn’t deny that statement for one second.


23. Alright, everyone. This one here is one of the coolest people on this list. This picture is of the user’s “grandpa in 1969 about to go to space” and if you don’t think that finding a photo of your grandfather about to be shot into space is basically the coolest thing ever, then I don’t know what to say to you.

24. Now, when I said that the previous user’s grandfather was one of the coolest, I’m putting him up there with this grandfather here. The user writes, “This is a picture of my grandfather, who was a spy for the US Army in Europe. He drove a little convertible and managed to woo a pretty German girl (my grandmother) into marrying him while he was overseas. (1965).” Well, damn.


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