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20-Year-Old Grandson Of Former Virginia Governor Turned Himself In For Sexual Assault

University of Virginia Student Stephen Dalton Baril has been charged with rape as a result of an incident that occurred on February 1st. His father has stated that he is no longer enrolled in school, saying “it was very difficult under the circumstances for him to continue” his education.

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After turning himself in to the magistrate’s office, Baril was arrested by Charlottesville police on Wednesday morning. Authorities have revealed that he faces charges of rape and forcible sodomy as a result of his action in February.

Only a few hours after his arrest, Baril appeared in a district court where Judge Robert Downer granted his counsel’s request to release him into the custody of his parents on $10,000 bond. The judge cited his cooperation with authorities.

The Prosecutor, Areshini Pather, described the allegations against Baril at the bond hearing, stating that Baril had restrained and sexually assaulted the victim. She sustained multiple bruises and bites. Baril had also later sent the woman a text saying, “I’m sorry if I got overly excited.”

After the woman found her way out of the apartment, she went to the hospital where Pather said she took an exam that revealed bruising on her body as well as other sex-related injuries.

Though Baril is released on bond, he is not permitted to contact the victim in any way and will be subjected to electronic monitoring. According to reports, Baril’s attorney Rhonda Quagliana said in court that Baril will thoroughly challenge these claims.

Baril is the grandson of former Virginia Governor John N. Dalton, who served from 1978 to 1982. His father is a Richmond attorney who also made a bid for public office as the Republican nominee of Attorney General of Virginia in 2005, but was unsuccessful.

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