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Graveyard Shift Workers Reveal The Creepiest Things That Have Ever Happened On The Job

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If you are working a night shift at any job, weird things are bound to happen. Especially for graveyard shift workers. We see it in movies all the time: a guy is working his shift and naturally creepy things start happening.

Not only do they have to be up during the latest hours of the night, graveyard shift workers also experience things that a lot of us wouldn’t have the strength to deal with. The are some spooky things that are hard to even imagine.

Movies make us see with our own eyes what could happen during these night shifts, but we have real people who actually work these jobs and have real spooky stories about their experiences. Here are some of their creepy stories.

Ever get the feeling that you’re being watched? Well, for this person it was more than just a feeling.

While sitting at a desk in front of a large window, they looked up and saw a face pressed to the glass.

This reddit user wrote: “he started shaking the door trying to get in. Ran to the next room and he just followed me around the house.”

What’s worse is when the cops showed up the man wasn’t there. But he came back the next night and they were finally able to catch him. Creepy.

Another reddit user had a strange experience while working a night shift at a hospital dealing with overnight rollouts as well as on-call work.

They wrote that one night the coroner was running down the corridor towards the morgue at full speed. Usually, he goes at a normal pace but that night he was really going.

The Reddit user notes that as he was running he yelled, “Out of the way, I got another live one!” going in the opposite direction from where the Reddit user was working.

After he yelled what he did, the user doesn’t know what was creepier: the fact that they were dealing with a dead body that came alive or the fact that he said “another”

Working night shifts at a telemarketing company could get creepy. One Reddit user writes that she once got a call from an account the company barely takes calls from.

When she answered the phone, all she could hear was dead air for a minute and then a man started singing, “Hey there, Little Red Riding Hood, you sure are looking good.”

After that, she explains, everything went back to being very quiet. Even though she tried to get a response out of him, he just kept breathing and he wasn’t responding. She hung up.

Creeped out yet? Wait till you read this one. Working with the deceased is a pretty creepy job in it of itself. But there are moments that make it much creepier.

One Reddit user collects organs and tissues for transplants from the deceased. This usually means going through morgues in the middle of the night.

The user tells a creepy story writing “Once a donor was tubed and ‘burped’ at me from the release of gasses from their stomach. Nearly. Crapped. Myself”

This final story sounds a little too disturbing to be real but we wouldn’t be too surprised if it was true. One Reddit user works for his state’s road authority, working on traffic signals.

They claim that a truck was carrying a drum of human body parts for disposal and the drum fell off the truck on the freeway. Apparently, arms and legs were all over the place. Gross.


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