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Teenager Shares Video Of What His High School’s Milk Looks Like And It’s Disgusting

Chocolate milk is one of the healthier drink options school cafeterias offer in comparison to most of the other sugar plagued beverages. However, one student’s video of the chocolate milk that came oozing out of their carton is enough to make you feel lactose intolerant.

A Reddit user uploaded a video of the carton of chocolate milk they received from Catskill High School’s cafeteria in New York. The footage shows the carton being poured onto a tray as the milk sludges out resembling pudding more than liquid.


Even as the carton is held completely upside down, the chocolate milk still glops out with a disturbing mucus-like consistency. The video was quick to start trending on Reddit, receiving over 6,000 points and the YouTube link amassing over 350,000 views in just a matter of hours.

To make matters worse, the video shows the carton afterwards, which clearly states that the chocolate milk is still well before the printed expiry date.

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