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I Will Guess Your Age In This Crazy Math Trick


Everyone likes to be shocked or surprised. The suspension of disbelief is what captures our attention and helps the movie industry make billions of dollars every year. But most guessing games online are either due to trickery or simple arithmetic. And because of that most people tend to neglect those videos or articles that can effectively guess the number you picked in your head or the imaginary card you chose to pull out. Very rarely can an objective mathematical formula predict something as subjective as your age, date of birth or year you were born in.

So when a simple 6 step math equation can go about finding out your age, it is without a doubt that I have to share it!

Use a calculator if you’d like or get a pen and paper to sharpen that mental calculator. (But I promise the math isn’t that hard!) 

Here are 6 steps to follow that can accurately guess your age (as well as the first number your chose.)

Step number 1: Pick any number between 1 and 10. (C’mon now, you don’t need a calculator for this.)


Step number 2: Multiply that chosen number by 2. (Yes, you can use your fingers and toes to double your number…)

DK Find Out!DK-Find-Out

Step number 3: Take that number and add 5 to it. (This is by far the easiest part.)

Step number 4: Multiply that sum by 50. (Yes, you can use a calculator now if you’d like)

Acon DigitalAcon-Digital

Step number 5: If you have already celebrated your birthday this year then add 1767. (Don’t worry, read the next step if this step doesn’t apply to you.)

Tech MuseumTech-Museum

Step number 5 (continued): If your birthday is yet to come then add 1766. (We’re almost there. The final step is coming up!)

Meme GeneratorMeme-Generator

Step number 6: Finally, subtract the year you were born in (eg. 1990) from that number.


And there you go! That three digit number is your age! Just kidding, the first digit should be the number you have chosen in step number 1. And the last two digits should be your age. See? Told you it would work!

Los Cabos GuideLos-Cabos-Guide

Shocked huh? Here are some more riddles for you! Apparently first graders can solve this riddle almost immediately, but it definitely took me some time (or looking at the answer) to find out what it was.

Screenshot 2017-03-14 at 11.19.48 AMgpuzzles

Weird huh? There doesn’t seem to be any pattern to the parking inscriptions until you turn the screen upside down…

Screenshot 2017-03-14 at 11.20.28 AMgpuzzles

Here’s a word game for you. For those of you who are sick of doing math, here’s a word riddle. There’s the hint, it has more to do with a word than an actual object.

Screenshot 2017-03-14 at 11.33.39 AMgpuzzles

And here’s the answer: The answer for the above riddle is the letter ‘E.’ Up next, a new riddle. Can you tell what this image means? The answer can be found on the next page.

Screenshot 2017-03-14 at 11.34.42 AMgpuzzles

The answer: It’s ‘Inbox.’ Here’s a new riddle on the image below. Can you solve this arithmetic puzzle? Hint: there’s a pattern here that is a little more obvious than you’d think.

Screenshot 2017-03-14 at 11.27.29 AMgpuzzles

And now for the answer: As you go down the ladder and add the two numbers they become the base of the block. So 2 + 4 = 6, 2 + 1 = 3 and so on and so forth. So the answer is 3! Moving on! Take a look at the next riddle in this image. Can you find out what number should replace the question mark in the riddle below?

Screenshot 2017-03-14 at 11.28.19 AMgpuzzles

And here’s the answer: The two slices of the pie add up to be the number directly across on the other side! So the answer is 17 since 9 + 8 = 17. And I saved the hardest for last: can you solve this final riddle?

Screenshot 2017-03-14 at 11.38.13 AMgpuzzles

The answer: I know, tricky right? No one said they had to be whole numbers (or integers in math terminology.)

Screenshot 2017-03-14 at 11.38.20 AMgpuzzles

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