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Guy Exploring Abandoned Nuke Base Makes An Unexpected Discovery

Getting a tour around historical places is always interesting. You get to learn about new things and earn a different outlook on your life in general. Sometimes, you might even end up discovering something while you are there that may potentially have an impact not only on you but the rest of the world.


Recently, gamer and online star, Drew Scanlon, got a tour in a decommissioned nuclear base in Ukraine. The area included living quarters that soldiers used during warfare along with various other cool areas. There were other things that were far more disturbing. According to Unilad, the base was originally built in preparation for a nuclear war.

You might be wondering what brought Scanlon to come and visit such a site. Well, he was visiting the base as part of an online YouTube travel series called Cloth Map. Throughout his tour, the one thing he didn’t expect to be shown was a button.

Not just any button though. According to news sites, this one button could have destroyed the earth back in the day. And obviously, Scanlon had to push it. His tour guide Dmytro told him in the video: “This is the main room, the room to destroy the world! Press the button and see what happens. This is the real war-time regime.”

#2 FTW Insane

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