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Geyser Erupts In Tourists Face

We’ve definitely all had a moment when we didn’t made the smartest decision. Whether it be getting convinced to go on a scary roller coaster even though you know you’ll be sick after, or getting suckered into buying something that you may not need—we’ve all been there.   

There are mistakes that we may regret and learn from, and then there are just plain stupid decisions that probably shouldn’t have been made in the first place.


The internet is full of people doing stupid things on camera. Whether is be actual stupidity or a stunt for the views we’ll never know, but this guy sure got what he deserved when he stuck his head somewhere he shouldn’t have. The comment section is a mix of people making fun of his decision and others warning that if not careful, this is a great way to get hurt. Whether you find this video funny or stupid, at least take it as a warning.

Check out the embarrassing moment when this guy get’s blasted in the face so hard he’s knocked over when he gazes down this geyser. Of all places to stick your face this is probably one of the last places you should peak inside.

The video goes pretty fast so you’re probably going to have to watch it a few times to really appreciate everything that happens.  

The guy in the grey t-shirt nearly straddling the geyser waits confidently for what’s about to happen next, but when it does it definitely takes him by surprise. The force from the blast knocks the poor guys over as his friend filming begins to laugh.

The blast was so fast and short as it whooshes from below. When the guy gets up and rubs his face he jokingly asks his friend “is my face broken?” and while we certainly hope not, we’re cringing at how much water must have gone up his nose. It appears that he’s generally alright as he walks back to his buddy who continues to chuckle, but we’re willing to believe he isn’t going to be doing that again any time soon. Check out the funny video for yourself!


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