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Beyonce Pokes Fun At ‘Eye Contact’ Photo At NBA Game


A couple of interesting things happened at Game 7, the final game in this years NBA series which saw the Cleveland Cavaliers face off against the Golden State Warriors.

  • The Cavaliers beat the Warriors taking home the NBA Championship
  • A 19 year old was able to sneak into the game using a fake press pass
  • Beyonce had an interaction with a fan that had social media buzzing

Beyonce and Jay Z were sitting in their courtside seats and talking to each other during Game 7. Beyonce was dressed in a gorgeous blue pant suit, perhaps giving a nod to which team she was supporting. since blue is the Warriors team color.

When you sit in a public arena you are going to have people you probably don’t know sit next to you. What happened between Beyonce and the man sitting next to her and Jay Z had social media on fire.

The couple was spotted having a laugh at Game 6 clearly enjoying themselves and their night out to one of the biggest nights in the NBA.

The game was being held in Cleveland Ohio at the Quicken Loans Arena.

There was a lucky random guy sitting next to the power couple and it just so happens that someone caught this picture of the three of them. In the photo it looks like Beyonce is giving him the side eye as he looks at her in awe. The photo quickly his the web and that’s when the headlines started.

When Huffington Post posted the picture and headline during the game on their Twitter account, the man in the photo, Steve Cespedes, showed it to Beyonce.

4twitter / @SteveCespedes

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