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Man Shoots Himself In Face With Paintball Gun, Ends Badly

On the list of things that you should never ever try, shooting yourself in the face with a paintball gun is definitely near the top. But hey, everyone gets curious right? While we’re definitely not lining up to try, YouTube daredevil Zacharias Holmes who is known for his “Jackass” style videos decided to put it to the test, and it doesn’t end very well for him.

We’re not sure what he expected would happen holding the gun a few inches from his face and firing, but perhaps he didn’t care. If you’re interested in someone hurting themselves on purpose and sharing it on the internet, then you should check out some of his other videos because shooting himself in the face with a paintball gun isn’t the first cringy thing he’s tried.


Zacharias has performed all kinds of “stunts” which include strapping fireworks to himself (lighting them off) and belly flopping onto thumb tacks.

In this Christmas edition, Zacharias takes it a little too far and might end up having to go to the dentist. We’re hoping he’s got a dentist near by (and insurance) because the poor guy loses a tooth. If you’re squeamish when it comes to blood, don’t look now because this stunt is about to get gory.

He seems in good spirits at the start of the video, addressing the audience and wishing everyone a happy holidays. He also warns his viewers not to try this at home and you’re about to see why.  

You can see his hands trembling right before he pulls the trigger as friends film him with their phones. As soon as he fires, you can see the orange ball hit him just above his upper lip and he immediately bring his hands to his face and rushes to the washroom. After spitting blood into the sink, he exclaims that he’s lost his tooth and to make matters even worse, he swallowed it.

His friends freak out, telling him that they need to get him to a hospital as Zacharias tries to stop the bleeding by holding toilet paper to the wound. Check out the whole stunt in the video below and remember not to try this at home. These stunts are probably best left to the “professional jackasses”.


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