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20 Guy Trends That Girls Hate

While fashion trends change almost daily, there are some things that just won’t seem to go away. It takes a long time for men to change their routines, and when they get something in their head it’s hard to shake it loose. Despite knowing deep down that they had run their course and should go the way of the Hammer-pant, a few styles that lasted a bit too long were:

  • Super baggy jeans,
  • Bandanas,
  • Shell necklaces.

It’s not just those though, as trends still appear every few months that look ridiculous but somehow catch on. Just because Pharrell can pull it off, doesn’t mean you can.

Here are some of the men’s fashion trends that most women just can’t stand.

1. Deep V-Necks: One of the worst offenders is the deep—and we mean 20,000 leagues deep—V-neck shirt. When you start seeing cleavage, it’s time for a change.


2. Murse: Men shouldn’t be carrying purses, and it’s not because of some sexist agenda. They just look like they’re carrying their ball and shoes to bowling practice.


3. Mountain Man Beards: Many women agree that a nicely kept beard is one of the sexiest things a man can do to appear more rugged, but it’s been taken too far. The wildman beards that are out of control just look like you’ve been trapped inside Jumanji for a few decades.

4. Speedos: Stop it with the Speedos and brief suits. They’ve been a point of ridicule for years now, and for some reason are making a comeback. For the same reason they’ve always been bad—that is the unfortunate bunching of certain bits—they should be thrown out forever.


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