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20 Guy Trends That Girls Hate

While fashion trends change almost daily, there are some things that just won’t seem to go away. It takes a long time for men to change their routines, and when they get something in their head it’s hard to shake it loose. Despite knowing deep down that they had run their course and should go the way of the Hammer-pant, a few styles that lasted a bit too long were:

  • Super baggy jeans,
  • Bandanas,
  • Shell necklaces.

It’s not just those though, as trends still appear every few months that look ridiculous but somehow catch on. Just because Pharrell can pull it off, doesn’t mean you can.

Here are some of the men’s fashion trends that most women just can’t stand.

1. Deep V-Necks: One of the worst offenders is the deep—and we mean 20,000 leagues deep—V-neck shirt. When you start seeing cleavage, it’s time for a change.


2. Murse: Men shouldn’t be carrying purses, and it’s not because of some sexist agenda. They just look like they’re carrying their ball and shoes to bowling practice.


3. Mountain Man Beards: Many women agree that a nicely kept beard is one of the sexiest things a man can do to appear more rugged, but it’s been taken too far. The wildman beards that are out of control just look like you’ve been trapped inside Jumanji for a few decades.

4. Speedos: Stop it with the Speedos and brief suits. They’ve been a point of ridicule for years now, and for some reason are making a comeback. For the same reason they’ve always been bad—that is the unfortunate bunching of certain bits—they should be thrown out forever.


5. Short Shorts: To go along with Speedos, men have been bringing back the upper-thigh shorts lately. The eight-inch cutoffs may look alright on the incredibly toned model, but they shouldn’t make it into your daily routine.


6. Sandals: As surprising as it is, your office probably doesn’t want you walking around in flip-flops regardless of how comfortable they are. Those are for the beach, pool or dock and nowhere else.


7. Camo: One that has been in style for years now should be on it’s way out (again) is camouflage print. The style has been made into everything from shoes to hats and back again. It’s just not as flattering as one might think.


8. Uggs: People have been making fun of men wearing uggs basically since they’re explosion in popularity, but they just don’t seem to want to quit them. Quite simply, they’re a woman’s shoe now and should be treated as such.


9. Drop-crotch Pants: No matter how many different styles of drop-crotch pants Justin Bieber wants to wear, it will never look good on the average male. It just looks like some sort of mix between skinny jeans and clown pants.


10. Skinny Jeans: You didn’t think those skin-tight leggings would be left off the list did you? Fitted jeans are just fine, but when you need a shoehorn to get in and out of your Levi’s, that means it’s gone a bit too far.


11. Wife Beaters – No matter how fit you are, wearing a wife-beater is rapidly becoming more socially unacceptable. The worst part is when a man tries to hide it underneath a sheer dress shirt. Let’s not, shall we?


12. Plaid: It’s not that having a few plaid shirts is a bad thing, and most men look great in a nice pattern. But when 95% of your wardrobe could be shared with a lumberjack it’s just a little much.

13. Waist-tied Shirts: Remember when you were in elementary school and you would tie your flannel around your waist during recess? That’s exactly what it looks like when you do it as an adult.

14. Vests: Unless you’re in a tailored suit or on your way to a wedding, stop trying to pull off the vest. The black vest over white tee is not a good look, no matter how many rock star necklaces you might put on.


15. White Socks: Whether you’re dressed in a nice suit or the newest kicks, white tube socks are a thing of the past. Add a nice pattern to your feet and feel good about even the smallest part of your wardrobe.


16. Graphic Tees: Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy you like the Chive enough to wear it around town, but the graphic tees are looking a little tired. If you have more than one “Keep Calm” shirts, you might want to rethink the wardrobe.


17. Warm Weather Beanie: Yes, certain celebrities can pull off the long-hair and beanie look, even in Los Angeles. But that’s not you. Just get a nice haircut and lose the beanie, unless you live in a place where it snows.


18. Fake Leather: Even real leather is being overused these days, but the synthetic leather jacket is one of the worst offenders. Women can spot it a mile away, and you should too.

19. Belt Buckles: Unless you’re about to enter the rodeo, you don’t need anything but a simple and sleek belt buckle. It should be a nice accent, not the focus of your outfit.

20. Sport Sunglasses: Oakley actually makes some really nice everyday sunglasses, so stop wearing those polarized fishing shades everywhere you go. That doesn’t mean you have to go with aviator Ray-Bans either.


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