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Three Guys Fled A Restaurant Without Paying But The Owner Received This Amazing Note Days Later

The dine and dash has long been something that kids and teens would try and pull. Whether it was at a fast food restaurant or at a high-class diner, skipping out on a bill is not something that anybody should be doing. Not only is it unethical but it also leaves the business owner at a potential loss. Furthermore, it encourages business owners NOT to be nice to diners who may be a couple of dollars short.

But when these three guys fled a restaurant without a paying, the owner didn’t think he would ever hear from them again.

Little did he know that days later he would receive a handwritten letter with the bill paid in full.

It was in Middlesborough, England, where three men were dining at the Kilimandjaro restaurant on December 8th. Unfortunately, the men were unaware that the establishment they were at did not take any credit cards and only accepted cash.

guys fled restaurant note days later

So when the bill came, all three men were unable to fork over the cash that they did not have. So the men offered to go and find an ATM in order to withdraw the necessary amount of money.

guys fled restaurant note days later

But during their foray to find an ATM (they were tourists and new to the area) they realized that their last train back home was due to depart. So rather than looking for the cash machine, they hopped on the train and returned home.

guys fled restaurant note days later

The owner of the restaurant, Apollo Apollinaire, wasn’t too upset about the loss since the dinner wasn’t too expensive but he didn’t expect to hear from those guys again.

guys fled restaurant note days later

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