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10 Habits That Can Ruin Relationships


There’s nothing more exciting or enjoyable than the early stages of a new relationship. Often referred to as the ‘honeymoon’ phase, it happens when a couple is totally blinded by their newfound love for each other and they don’t notice any red flags or annoyances.

After a couple of months, however, when the blinders come off, the true colors start to show. This is when many couples go through a different stage in which they might experience trials and tribulations.

You partner’s quirky habits go from silly and endearing to annoying and irritable. You no longer find it cute when they leave the toilet seat up or forget to take out the garbage. This is the point in the relationship where the couple has to actively choose to continue loving each other and decide if they can continue to make it work.

Although you might not know it, there are a few things that can cause a relationship to go South. These key behaviors are sure to ruin a relationship. Making a point of knowing them and understanding how to avoid them is an ideal way to have a successful and long-lasting relationship.

1. Acting Single: Relationships and love are not always easy. It takes time, work, and dedication in order for two people to live together in harmony–and there are certain behaviors that will only make things more difficult.

One definite thing that will put a rift in your relationship is if you act single. Do you forget to text back or make plans without telling them? Do you keep things from your partner? If you answered yes to these questions then it’s a sign that you aren’t ready to commit to the relationship and you should allow the person to move on.

2. Being Financially Greedy: The saying is that money makes the world go round, but it is often the route to problems in relationships.

When you enter a serious relationship you become a team. If you continue spending and saving like you’re single this could cause a rift between you and your partner.

3. Being Attached at the Hip: If you have no other interests outside of your partner, chances are that it can eventually become damaging to the relationship. It’s important to have separate interests, friends, and hobbies that you can enjoy outside of the time you spend with your partner.

Pursue things on your own. Remember to live your own life alongside your partner, not a combined one.

4. Over Sensitivity/Insecurities: One of the most important things in a relationship is trust.

Trust them unconditionally. Once you do that, you’ll stop being overly anxious or insecure about their actions and you’ll lessen the stress on the relationship.

5. Attitude: People in a relationship are supposed to be best friends. Although it can be fun to joke around and be witty sometimes, excessive attitude and sarcasm can become damaging when taken too far.

It can become disrespectful and hurtful. Although everyone likes to joke around, it’s important to avoid pushing your partner’s buttons.

6. Lack of Affection: The same way too much time spent together can become a problem, the opposite can have similar effects.

As you move further along into your relationship it can be easy to get lazy. It’s important to keep up the romance. You can do that with small things like kissing each other before leaving the house, sending each other cute messages, and reminding your partner that you love them often!

7. Phones: Social media is a great way to keep in touch with friends or family who live far away, but they can also become a problem between two people who are living in the same house and are in a relationship.

Cell phones have been the route of breakups for a while. Especially since couples spend more time communicating online than they do with each other. Remember to put the phones away and make time for each other at least once a day.

8. Nagging: Sure, you might want to be helpful to your partner and make sure they take care of all the important tasks in their life. However, there comes a point where reminders become overbearing and eventually it turns into nagging.

Don’t just skim over this. Although it may seem like a minor worry or a comic thing that all couples experience, experts say that nagging is equally toxic to relationships as adultery or finance problems.

9. Compulsive Behaviour: If you or your partner are suffering from compulsive habits such as alcoholism or gambling addictions, these are small habits that can develop into big problems if they are not discussed and resolved early on.

It’s all about quantity. Many people enjoy a glass of wine or a beer at dinner each night, but if you or your partner are abusing any substances, it’s important to be transparent. Don’t hide things from your partner just to impress them.

10. Dishonesty: Another one of the most important things in a relationship–honesty. Once trust is broken, any relationship will suffer at least a little bit.

Don’t underestimate the gravity of lying. Whether it’s something major like adultery or something small like lying about where you’re going, dishonesty is probably one of the most damaging things that can happen to a relationship.


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