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16 Private Lady Part Habits That You Need To Stop Right Now

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Whether athletic, bookish, or artistic, women of all shapes and sizes have one thing in common: a complicated and intricate downstairs. Let’s face it, the lady flower is super important. Not only is it necessary for the release of bodily fluids, but it also plays a huge role when a woman decides to have a baby!

As important as our honeypots are, it’s no secret that people of both genders find it a little uncomfortable to talk about. Even going to the doctor to have a regular check-up can be embarrassing and even stressful.

When young girls are growing up, they are either taught minimally about it in health classes or through the ‘birds and the bees’ chat.

Whether you’re fully aware of what’s going on downstairs or could use some tips and pointers, there are probably a few things you’ve been doing that you should stop as soon as possible. Here are 16 bad lady part habits that you need to stop this instant!

1. Cleaning: If you thought you were supposed to clean the inside of your lady parts, you need to stop! One of the cool things about lady flowers is that they are self-cleaning. There are good bacteria in there called lactobacilli which take care of hygiene for you. Cleaning yourself too much would actually strip you of the good bacteria and promote the growth of bad ones, which can lead to infections.

2. Be gentle. When you hear that it’s self-cleaning down there you might be thinking you don’t have to do anything at all. However, there are separate parts to your lady bits. Though the internal parts should be left alone, the external bits still need some maintenance. So don’t forget to rinse up with some water and a washcloth as the skin down there is sensitive.

3. Don’t use scented or colored soaps. As I mentioned previously, it’s best to stick to water. If you want to feel a little fresher, go with a gentle or natural soap. Scented and dyed soaps can lead to irritation of the skin downstairs.

4. Itches: Everyone gets a little itchy on the front bottom sometimes. The more you scratch, the more prone you are to feeling itchy and you’ll develop a cycle. There are several reasons that could be causing itchiness down there and the best thing to do is to get to the root of the problem and work on a solution.

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5. Sweat: If you’ve ever had a yeast infection, you’ll know they’re pretty terrible. One sure way to give yourself one would be to hangout in sweaty and tight clothing. Yeast builds in warm, moist environments so if you hang out for a while in your sweaty gym tights this is probably not the best idea.

6. Repetition: Speaking of yeast infections–although they can be self treated using over the counter medication–if it becomes a recurring problem you should definitely go and get checking out by your doctor. If you continue to experience problems like this it could be related to something bigger.

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7. Toilet Paper: This one is probably a given, but have you been wiping properly? Remember–always front to back. There are so many germs that can be spread simply from wiping in the wrong direction.

8. Warm ups: Don’t skip right to the main course when you’re having bedroom time with your partner. It’s always good to start with appetizers, warming up your body before it accepts the full meal. Otherwise you’ll be dealing with an uncomfortable and unhappy lady flower.

9. Mechanics: That being said, every now and again the lady car might need some engine oil. It’s very important that you find the right type of oil so whether you’re using it to help with dryness or just for some extra movement–make sure you experiment until you find the one that works for you.

10. Lady Trends: Over the years there have been some strange lady bit vanity trends which usually end up being deemed harmful and unnecessary–like the lady steaming thing that Gwyneth Paltrow recommended. Please don’t steam downstairs. Unless you think you have a health related issue there are really no fancy steps that go into lady maintenance.

11. Kegels: Although you might not think about it often, your lady parts have muscles! Did you know that there is actually a specific exercise you can do down there? They’re called kegels and doing them works out the muscles that you’ll use for bladder control later in life. So if you want to try and avoid wearing those grandma diapers, learn how to do proper kegels today!

12. Getting Tested: As I mentioned earlier, no one likes getting their bits poked and prodded by a stranger. But it’s super important that you do. Trust me, those doctors have seen a million honey pots and the only one feeling awkward here is you. Procedures like these are making sure you’re clear of infections and disease.

13. Shaving: It’s totally your call if you want to shave down there or not, but if you are, make sure that you’re changing your razor frequently. Although shaving won’t do anything to upset your insides, you outer bits can get irritated and uncomfortable. So make sure to change the blade every two to three weeks.

14. Waxing: And if you are waxing, you’ll want to make sure that you are exfoliating and moisturizing properly. Use a warm wet wash cloth to gently exfoliate. This will remove any dry skin as well as help to avoid irritation. Make sure to wear loose clothing and stay away from bedroom activities for 24 hours.

15. Tongue Tied: You don’t speak up when you’re at the gynecologist. A lot of the times, issues you may be experiencing down there can be solved with an easy fix, but embarrassment may be holding you back from telling your doctor. Always speak up and ask any questions you have, chances are you will not be the first one to have that problem.

16. Snowflakes: If you’ve ever been self conscious about what your flower looks like–Don’t be! Every woman is like a snowflake, and lady parts come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. So don’t be ashamed or feel that it’s abnormal–because it’s not!


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